Is Your Porsche Ignition System Malfunctioning?

It is important to take immediate action when it comes to dealing with ignition problems. You can save a lot of money in the long run, if you diagnose the problem at an early stage. Porsche ignition has a key role to play in the sense that it triggers combustion in the engine by providing power to the spark plugs. When the switch is turned on, the coils get the power, which is then transmitted to the spark plugs. New models these days use electronics systems, rather than mechanical systems. You may experience malfunctioning of Porsche Ignition System due to some common issues as enlisted below.

When the car fails to start, there can be a number of reasons behind it. Since the car battery and the fuel injection system are linked to the ignition system, the issue can be difficult to diagnose. So what are the possible root causes?

Defective Switch

Even when you turn on the ignition switch, and the engine doesn’t start up, there is clearly an issue with the switch. You can either have it repaired, or completely replace it; whatever seems reasonable.

Car Battery Is Dead

This is the other side of the story which may also make your ignition system totally inactive. You may experience a dead car battery due to alternator failure. In this case, you can fix the alternator and recharge the battery to solve the problem.

Fault Spark Plugs

If you have been using the car for a very long time, there’s a chance your spark plugs may have worn out. In such a situation, the only choice you have is to replace it, since repairing is not an option here.

Starter Motor Defect

The starter motor does the job of driving the flywheel, which in turn triggers the car engine cycle. If it fails, it can lead to ignition system failure as well. So this is one thing you need to check, when your car isn’t starting up.

Failure Of Fuel Pump

The systemic fuel pump failure is another reason behind ignition system malfunctioning. This can prevent sufficient fuel from reaching the injectors, and the engine cycle wont start. So you also need to check, if the problem lies here.

Faulty Fuel Injectors

Another reason that may be affecting the Porsche ignition system and the triggering of car engine cycle is the failure of fuel injecting system. This generally happens in case of faulty fuel injectors that do not function properly. It’s better to go for a professional service to resolve this issue.

Coil Problems

One of the reasons behind the failure of ignition system is related to coil problems. Some of the symptoms include dead ignition coil, plenty of engine noise, acceleration lag, repeated spark plug misfiring, bad fuel economy and momentary malfunctioning.

Ignition maintenance is an important part of any routine car maintenance and servicing schedule. Take into account every possible factor that may be causing the problem, and fix it at the earliest to avoid hefty replacement costs.