Is Your Porsche Windshield Installed Correctly?

Cracked or broken windshield glass should never be taken for granted. You should have them replaced right away to avoid further danger down the road. If you have had recently replaced your Porsche windshield, you have to make it a point that everything went on just right during the installation process. Here is how you can tell that the windshield has been installed correctly.

Four Hands are Better than Two

Quality windshield replacement must be done by two or more experienced technicians and not just one. Imagine how heavy a windshield can be and how an arm's span will never be enough to carry this part of the car. Why get two hands when four hands are better than two? It takes wonders for one technician to do the job correctly and when you do see this scenario, there is reason to doubt the entire process.

Technicians Wore Protective Gloves

Protective gloves will spare them from being cut by the class and will likewise be important in making sure that there will be no traces of their hands or fingers when installing the windshield. This will also prevent transferring oil from their hands to the glass. Remember that a windshield glass is covered with urethane. When oil comes in contact with urethane, it can compromise the adhesive strength of the glass. This can also result to leaks.

You Know Where the Replacement Was Bought From

Only genuine Porsche parts will be a great fit to the part that you want to replace. The same principle applies when you are changing the windshield for your Porsche car. You must make sure you know where the technician got the windshield he will use as replacement. Better yet, you can order the windshield from us and from there, you can take the part to your chosen technician so that they can do the installation from you. You never want discovering that technicians used aftermarket products because this can mean they will just want to cut on cost even if they will charge you more for the item.

Water Does Not Seep Into the Glass

It will be very hard to figure out if water will easily seep into the newly installed windshield unless you drive it during a rainy day outside. Well, if you get that chance then drive your car to spot leaks and defects with the new windshield. You can also have your car washed and observe if the water seeps right through it. If it does, bring it back to the shop and ask for a refund unless they will be willing to make the necessary adjustments for free.

Your Windshield Remains Quiet During Bumpy Rides

A properly installed windshield will not cause any alarming sound even when you drive at bumpy roads. The entire experience will surely be peaceful. If it does shake during those times, as if it will get out of place at any instant now. Some sounds cannot be recognized when your air conditioning system or radio is turned on. Once you notice something wrong, turn off the radio and the AC and spot where the sound comes from. If it is the windshield replacement then you need to have it repaired right away.