Learn How To Vacuum A Porsche A/C System

When the A/C system is blowing hot air, all you can think about is what you can do to manage the problem. So you research about it and find plenty of information about fixing car air conditioners. While most of the solutions are done by able mechanics, it wouldn’t hurt to also learn about how the processes are done. In fact, it can be fun to have some knowledge about how a Porsche A/C system works. One of the common fixes that will come up is about vacuuming the A/C.

Why Porsche A/C System Needs to Be Vacuumed

When the air conditioner is not as cold as it once was, there might be moisture or packets of air that are trapped in the A/C system. The effect is mainly focused on the performance of the system but over time, it can freeze and completely destroy it.

Should You Be Worried with Trapped Moisture?

On the surface, trapped moisture seems harmless. However, there are plenty of things going on and most of the A/C system is affected. First, the oiling capability of the compressor is diminished its performance will be severely affected once the trapped air is not removed before a recharge. Once damaged, there might be a need to replace the A/C compressor which can be costly.

Next, when there is moisture, there is a tendency for it to freeze up and the condensed water particles will slowly corrode the system. When the moisture has frozen, the flow of air is reduced resulting to a poor cooling of air. Pretty soon, other areas will be affected and will require maintenance replacements in the future.

Vacuuming the moisture is a low-cost yet beneficial maintenance step that will help keep the A/C system healthy.

Vacuuming the A/C System

For an effective vacuuming of a Porsche A/C system, specific steps should be followed in order to do it right. The steps will depend on the type of vacuum you are using but it generally follows a pattern. The steps usually start with preparing the vehicle by parking on a flat surface and turning off the engine and the A/C. Protective clothing, gloves and glasses should be worn.

You need to identify where the high and low-pressure ports are before hooking up the manifold gauge and the vacuum pump. The next steps depend on how the vacuum is turned on and adjusted. The important thing to remember is that all connections must be secure and tight for an efficient vacuum process.

Although vacuuming the Porsche A/C system can be done as a DIY project, it is highly encouraged to have it serviced by qualified mechanics. The steps may be easy but it can do more damage when something goes wrong. Even when you do have knowledge about these things, you must also consider whether you have the right tools for the job. Instead of spending money for the stuff that you will need, going to the shop will let you save time, money and effort.