Porsche Cars: Metallic Brake Pads vs. Ceramic Brake Pads

Driving your luxury car down the road will surely attract a lot of bystanders wanting to be in the same shoes as yours. For luxury cars like Porsche, it really matters to make sure that all components are working properly. It is important to check on every part including the brake pads. When you have to decide which between metallic and ceramic brake pads you should choose, it pays to compare one from the other.

What to Expect from Metallic Brake Pads

Metallic brake pads are made for several purposes including when drivers have to carry loads of baggage or stuff in their trucks or for race cars that take several miles of driving to one's favorite destination. Considered as reliable brake pads for your braking system, you can always consider using one in varying conditions. They are considered high performance brake pads that you can rely on if you are driving big wheels or for purposes of towing.

Should You Use Them In Any Condition?

These aggressive brake pads are perfect for certain types of situation but they are not ideal all the time. They are questioned in terms of their durability because they are fast-wearing. Metallic brake pads also accumulate a lot of dust through time and they can produce a squealing sound. If you decide to use these pads for your brakes, then you better have plenty of them in stock. 

What About Ceramic Brake Pads?

Are you up for a smooth ride down the road? If you are then it is best to invest on ceramic brake pads instead. These ones are made for those of you who just want to enjoy a ride with your loved ones and do not have to deal with a lot of stuff during your trips. Typically, these pads are made out of ceramic combined with copper or fiber. They also provide a softer bite when compared to the more aggressive metallic brake pad.

Should You Use Them in Favor of the Metallic Pad?

Soft as the bite of ceramic brake pads are, expect that they are not as noisy as metallic brake pads. They do not give your brake rotors any difficult time at all and they are applauded for being able to dissipate heat thus making the braking system even more reliable for a longer time. What puts their reliability in question is how you can survive driving down the road during unexpected weather changes.

Choosing the Better Pad for Your Porsche Cars

Noting which between these two types of brake pads is better than the other will depend upon how you rely on using your car. If you happen to carry heavier loads or you are into car racing then metallic pads are very much reliable. Otherwise, you will need to invest on a pair of ceramic brake pads.

You can also consider the usual brake pad you have been using and if you find that type very reliable then there is no need to transition to another type of brake pad for your braking system. Just make sure you replace the pads as needed and you will be good to go.