Replacement Steps For Porsche Front Wheel Bearings

Driving with a bad ball bearing can be very dangerous. In fact, if you do not pay much attention to the problem, you can suddenly be caught stopping in the middle of the road. You can be lucky to not be hurt by that incident but when luck is not on your side, it can be worse. For luxury car owners like you, it pays to know what steps you must take when replacing your Porsche front wheel bearings.

Signs of a Bad Wheel Bearing

There can be a whirring sound that increases when you pump up on gas or run at certain speeds. How bad can the wheel bearing be at that instant? You will never know unless you inspect the part that has gone bad. Using the right tools, you will be sure that you can take on the job of replacing your wheel bearings on your own. You simply need to start by taking off all the brake components and then proceed to remove the wheel bearing, then put on the new bearing assembly. You need tools to help you with. Thus, you must make sure you have prepared them too.

Remove the Wheel

You can do this by simply lifting the car up so that you can safely remove the wheels. There is a rattle clip there. You should remove this to easily take off the brake caliper. Remove both screws that hold the caliper. You must remove the dust covers and bolt as well.

Take a Look at the Rotors

You will see this part once you have removed the wheel. Rotors have holes, and in these holes, dust accumulation can take place. Once the rotors have already reached its lifespan, you will notice that these holes become clogged with a lot of dust. The dust comes from the brake pads. In this case, both rotors and brake pads must be replaced. Make sure that the screws have been removed as well so that the rotors will come off easily.

Proceed to Removing all Other Parts in the Hub

Examples are the dust cap and the wheel speed sensor. These parts can be removed with a screwdriver and a mallet. Both these materials can help take off the cap easily. You might need to exert some effort when removing older dust caps though since they may have stuck in their place. For the wheel speed sensor, on the other hand, all you need to do is remove the bolt so that it will come off.

Replace the Front Wheel Bearing

Take off the bearing nut first using a long breaker bar. Then you can get the new bearing to replace the older one. Lubricate the spindle to give you an easier time replacing the bearing. Do not exert too much force when doing this part of the task. Make sure you have torqued the wheel bearing nut before reinstalling the rotor and the dust cap. Reinstall the wheel so that you can now test drive your car.