Should I Or Should I Not Go For A Custom Porsche Shift Knob?

The spherical knob at the end of your Porsche’s gearshift lever may not be something many people notice anytime you give them a ride. For a minimal cost though, it can be the center of attention. All you have to do is change the boring, worn out and frayed shift with news ones that add noticeable luxury, style and of course, color. It gets better with the fact that there are so many custom, OEM and unique shift levers in the market, so choosing one that fits your style should be easy. You do not have to worry about installing especially with OEM knobs because the whole task is as easy as unscrewing the old knob and screwing on a new on. Read on to learn more.

Universal Fit Vs Vehicle Specific

Universal fit designs simply refer to shift knobs that are not created to fit into any car model. More often than not, universal fit knobs can be easily screwed on the end of any shift stick shift rob on a manual transmission. Keep in mind though that you will need an adapter kit to help you pair the knob well with the factory shift rod. This is what gives OEM shift knobs an upper hand over universal fit knobs. You can simply install your desired OEM shift knob without an adapter kit.

Vehicle specific shift knobs are just as good as OEM shifts. That’s because they are manufactured with the diameter as well as the thread pitch of your make and model’s gear shift level in mind. That is why with a vehicle specific shift knob, you won’t need an adapter piece.

Ease Of Use

There are weighted shift knobs designed to make shifting easy and more enjoyable. Most of them feature aesthetically appealing stainless steel shift knobs. So you will not just have an easy time shifting gears, you will also end up with a component that adds style and class to your Porsche’s interior.

 Note that steel is denser than other materials commonly used for aftermarket shift knobs. It weighs more, but instead of the extra weight making shifting hard, OEM steel knobs actually make rowing the stick shift enjoyable, easier and satisfying. It is easy to understand how this happens. When you move the weighted OEM knob from one gear position to another, the extra mass of the knob creates additional momentum during travel. This momentum then pushes the shift lever to the next detent position with ease.

Manual And Automatic Options

OEM style shift knobs are available for both manual and automatic transmission vehicles. In fact, most manual knobs are designed to mirror original equipment metal or plastic complete with 4 speed, 5 speed and 6 speed stick shift patterns clearly printed or embossed on the round insert piece.

There are also shift knob inserts for shift knobs that are fine in shape but miss the piece at the top that display the Porsche logo. The inserts also come in handy for where your current insert ins discolored or faded. You do not have to replace the whole shift knob. Simply go for new Porsche shift knob inserts.