Should You Buy Xenon Lights For Your Porsche?

Night-time driving can be stressful even for those who have a perfect vision. For this reason, xenon lights may seem attractive due to the intensity of light that they produce. But do you really need xenon lights for your Porsche?

Can Xenon Lights Work for All Cars?

A lot may assume that all headlights are the same and can be changed in an instant. However, this is completely false. For example, cars that were manufactured to have halogen bulbs don’t have the needed space to fit a xenon bulb.

But, if you are interested in using xenon bulbs, an HID conversion kit may be used for the base of the bulbs to fit into a halogen socket and vice versa.

 Are Bright Lights Legal?

Some people complain about other vehicle owners who install high-intensity headlights on their vehicles. The bright lights can hurt the eyes of oncoming drivers and can be potentially a cause for accidents. However, there are no specific regulations about it therefore having them for your Porsche is not illegal. It is just a matter of correctly positioning the xenon bulbs for them not to hurt the eyes. Be aware though that there are states that have specific rules regarding the use of xenon bulbs.

Pros and Cons of Xenon Lights for Your Porsche

The selling point of xenon lights is its brighter, more illuminating bulbs. As xenon passes through an electrical charge, the bulb burns brighter compared to traditional filaments that are used in halogen bulbs. Truth be told, this is the only thing that makes xenon headlights attractive.

With regards to the cons, xenon headlights are more expensive. This explains why they are usually found on luxury vehicles like Porsche cars. It can also produce a lot of glare which may cause a problem to other drivers.

All in all, there aren’t too many nice things about xenon bulbs. However, when you are often traveling in very dimly lit roads, they are the best choice for you.

Porsche Light Options

Because xenon headlights are associated with luxury brand vehicles, it might be tempting to have your Porsche be installed for it to have an updated look. In fact, many of the new models are giving owners the option to equip their cars with bi-xenon headlights for a smarter way to switch between high and low beam lights. This do not only make the road a lot brighter at night but will also add an air of sophistication to your car during the day.

You can do as you please and change from halogens and upgrade your lights with xenon technology but do so carefully especially when you are going to replace standard parts. As always, when you choose to buy aftermarket products like lighting components for your Porsche, the rule of thumb is to always buy from a reputable OEM provider.