Signs Indicating You Have Low Porsche A/C Refrigerant

There are many resources that you can find about troubleshooting a Porsche A/C system. The solutions can be as simple as having the A/C system cleaned up or as complex as having the A/C compressor replaced.

In problems that concern the A/C system, the culprit often points to a leaking refrigerant or Freon. But when can you say that your Porsche A/C is low on refrigerant?

Signs to Look For

When the A/C ceased to blow cold air, the problem could be because of a low refrigerant level. Here are the signs that can help you determine if the coolants have leaked through.

Warm Air Blowing from the Vents

Probably the most common symptom of a refrigerant leak, the temperature becomes too warm because there is not enough refrigerant to cool the air. The refrigerant may be low or was depleted completely in which a recharge may be required.

Visible Leaks

If you do not know how refrigerant looks like, it appears as thin grease that is in a liquid form. You may see traces of it around the compressor or on the lines of the cabin. The first time you see such substance that you suspect as a refrigerant, clean it up then check later. If the same substance appears later, then it could really be a refrigerant leak.

However, remember that refrigerant can only be liquid for quite some time. After it has leaked outside the compressor, it will turn into gas leaving only a small oil-like trace. So it is difficult to spot a leak if you are going to specifically look for such because that small trace could really be just oil. In such case, there may be a need to check the oil filters for leaks too.

Faulty Clutch

The sound of an engaging clutch is audible upon turning the A/C on. This is a sign that the compressor is pressurizing the Freon. If you notice that the clutch does not engage, it might be because the Freon is not enough.

Visible Condensation

Upon close inspection of the compressor, you may find some condensation and even ice on the surface. This is a sign that there is moisture building up because of a leak. The Freon has leaked out and the moisture took its place.

Noisy Compressor

If there are not enough refrigerants, the components of the compressor may dry up causing it to be noisy. The parts have to be lubricated to run smoothly and quietly.

What Will Happen After a Leak?

When a leak has been established, the usual recommendation is to recharge the Porsche A/C refrigerant level. Freon is a harmful substance so it is best to have your car be serviced in an appropriate facility. Too much refrigerant can cause chemical burns. There is a process in performing proper recovery and complete evacuation of refrigerants. Especial equipment is also going to be used to avoid the danger of accidentally releasing the refrigerant to open air.