Steps For Repairing A Broken Porsche Light Socket

Cars get their fair share of down times. There will come a time when these hardworking machines will end up pretty sick after a hard day's work. Some illnesses are common like that of a broken Porsche light socket for your Porsche cars. When this takes place, the illness can spread out easily and all other lighting components become affected. Headlights will turn on and off until they shut down completely. What should you do next? Here are steps to take note of depending on the problem to be dealt with.


Headlights turn off for a number of reasons and when light sockets are to be blamed it can also be because of corrosion in that socket. In case you noticed that there are several pieces of lights that went out altogether, you must check on the fuse. This needs replacement after you have proven your hunch correct.

The Most Common Issue: Old Age

This problem cannot be repaired as easy as you will be able to repair all other problems connected with a lighting socket. You will need tools like the screwdriver but first, you must pull out the bulb socket to give you access to the faulty bulb. Remove the lens with the screwdriver to give you better access to the bulb. Never touch the glass with your bare hands or you will see streaks after. If your hands are oily, there is a great chance that even the replacement bulb will fail after installing them. Connect the socket to the main housing in the headlamp then test if the replacement works.

Problems Related to Wiring

Another common problem, repairing this will require accessing the wire after pushing through the wiring installation. Using the tester, you will be able to determine if the wiring is working accordingly. An indication of a properly working wire is the appearance of lights for two of the three wires. In case the tester does not turn on, replacing the socket will be necessary.

Dirt Accumulating on the Socket

Like other parts of a car, there is always a chance that dirt and debris may accumulate in and around the socket. The best solution to this problem is to wipe off the dirt on the socket. Make sure that the headlights are switched off before doing so. It is best to use electrical contact cleaners to avoid problems. For debris build up or a noticeable corrosion in the socket, using a wire brush will help.

Importance of Testing the Socket Power

Whenever you repair a broken light socket, you should never miss out on testing the power. You can simply turn on the light switch. Use the tester and ground it to a screw right on the vehicle's body. See if the lights on the tester turn on. Never bend connections. When two lights appear when the lights are still good. Otherwise, the socket will need replacement.

It is important to replace a broken Porsche light socket in order to enjoy driving down the road at any given condition. This will help assure that the lights will work and are in tiptop shape.