Understanding Porsche Rear Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are important parts of the car's braking system. They can be classified into two – the front disc brakes and the rear disc brakes. Through this page, you will get to know what Porsche rear disc brakes are. Before getting into that, however, you also need to understand what disc brakes are, in general.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes function to help stop your vehicle. They have three main parts, namely the brake pads, caliper, and rotor. Brake pads are found on each side of the rotor. They push against the rotor in order to stop the wheel. From here, your vehicle will stop as well. The brake pads are primarily responsible for creating the friction that will dictate that your vehicle must stop.

The caliper, on the other hand, is situated on top of the rotor. It is where both brake pads are contained. It comes in two types. The first type is the floating caliper which compresses itself and contains only one piston. With this type of caliper, the brake fluid will then dictate the piston to be forced into the brake pad thus making it press against the rotor. The caliper's other side will then be pressed against the rotor in order to stop the wheel and then the vehicle. The other type which is called the fixed caliper is stationary. Containing two pistons, it is capable of allowing the brake pad to press against both sides of the rotor thus dictating the vehicle to stop.

The last part is the rotor, the iron disc that is attached to the hub of the tire. It works together with the brake pads when it comes to stopping the vehicle. The contact made between the rotor and the brake pads will create friction and will result in stopping your vehicle. A rotor contains iron discs that are linked by ribs. Ribs are responsible in helping dissipate heat from the friction made between the brake pad and rotor. They are also capable of allowing cool air to enter the rotor. This is a very important part of the process because dissipating heat will allow the rotor to work as expected.

Rear and Front Disc Brakes

Rear and front disc brakes are actually the same. The only difference between these two is that disc brakes include either an emergency or parking brake. The parking brake is basically separate from that of the regular hydraulic brakes of your vehicle. You can use it in case the regular brakes fail.

Parking Brake and Rear Disc Brakes

Parking brakes can be connected to rear disc brakes in two ways. Rear disc brakes contain a special corkscrew device. This device is responsible for pushing the piston into the brake pad whenever the parking brake is applied. The other way by which the rear disc brakes are connected to parking brakes is through the drum brake system. When this is the case, the cables in the parking brake uses the lever. Pulling the lever in the drum brake, when the parking brake is applied, will then compress the brake shoes. This will stop the vehicle.