Understanding The Porsche A/C Compressor System

A car's entire air conditioning system is deemed responsible for giving passengers and drivers that cool air they especially need during a warm summer's day. An integral part of luxury cars like Porsche, the A/C system actually relies on several other parts, the most important of which is the Porsche A/C compressor system. Get to know more about this component in A/C units.

The A/C System and How it Works

An A/C system works by making sure air passes through the cabin where there is a cooled or evaporated surface. Once that air runs through the evaporator, it will then transfer heat into the refrigerant or coolant which will allow the A/C system to work. Coming with other vital parts including the engine, radiator fan, and water pump among others, every person can now enjoy the comfort of riding a luxury vehicle making sure that cool air blows inside it.

How the A/C Compressor Works

As part of the entire A/C unit, the compressor is responsible for pumping Freon, or the refrigerant, into the unit. The refrigerant will then cool the air inside any car. All of the fluid that goes out of the compressor will pass through a filter. Take note that an added function of the compressor is to separate and capture any form of contaminant or debris found in the Freon mixture.

Fluid Expansion

The condenser works to expand the fluid that has been compressed via the A/C compressor. Fluid expansion allows air to travel into a wider surface area of space. Once air gets trapped in the condenser, it will then separate the excess heat found in the compressed fluid thus allowing the air blown by the A/C unit to be cooler.

From Condenser to Expansion Device

The condenser is just part of the system where the compressed fluid travels too. Another component that is utilized in the process is the expansion device, which, as the name implies, is responsible for fluid expansion. As the air goes through this device, the more filtered the air becomes thus giving off cooler air into the vehicle.

Other Important Things to Remember

The things mentioned above are just part of the entire team of parts that allow us to understand the A/C compressor system. There is the accumulator where the refrigerant gets accumulated right after it comes out of the evaporator. As the accumulator holds on to the coolant or refrigerant, moisture will be evacuated going through a desiccant bag. The orifice tube, another part, is responsible in making sure that the manner with which the refrigerant flows is restricted so that it will be easier to transform pressure from high to low before it even gets into the evaporator again.

If you happen to be concerned with how you can actually maximize the way with which A/C compressor systems work, it will be best to make sure that all its parts function very well. It has to be considered too that the compressor must work with all other parts of the A/C system in order to perform what users expect out of them.