What Are Common Porsche Headlight Issues?

It is simple to pinpoint that there are problems with your Porsche headlights. Once you notice they stop working, then you can say there is a problem. The real issue has to be determined, however, so that you can apply the necessary solution to the concern. What are the most common issues you will encounter with your headlights? Here are a list and some tips on how to solve them.

The Fuse Keeps Blowing Out

Were there times when you experience that your headlight fuse seems to blow out all the time? Here is what you can do about this problem. First, you must unplug the light before pulling the switch. In case the fuse blows, then wiring is the problem. Purchase a Porsche bulb that has the correct wattage. You must also ensure that the bulb is not faulty or damaged. If the high beam bulb is the issue then you should replace it as well. Check if there is any exposed wiring in the system.

The Bulb Keeps Burning Out

When was the last time you changed your headlight bulbs? If it was just two weeks ago and you have replaced the bulbs two weeks before the last time, then there is another issue that you need to deal with. A bulb that keeps burning out means you should take your car to the mechanic, so he can check on the underlying issue.

Make sure that you do not hold the bulb with your bare hands. A greasy hand will burn out the bulb easily. You can use surgical gloves when replacing the burn out bulb. In case this does not work then it means that you may have installed the bulb improperly. You may refer to guides that will help you install this lighting component. Always make it a point that the bulb has been secured in its place without wiggling and other unnecessary movements allowed. Bulb sockets must also be checked for any sign of corrosion.

The Headlight Flickers

When you have faulty headlights, you will then be prone to dangerous situations when driving. Just in case the headlight keeps on flickering, you can blame poor connection in the wiring. You can check on this by inspecting the battery clamp connections. These connections can loosen with the constant vibration of the engine. You must also wiggle every wire that flows into the headlight circuit. There might be a culprit there too.

In case you have singled out a wire connection that is causing the problem, tighten that wire or secure it in place, if possible. If after making the necessary inspection and nothing seems to work, the entire wiring assembly needs to be replaced.

The Low Beam Is Not Working

With this problem, you should check on which low beam bulb is causing the problem. You can replace that faulty bulb with the bulb that is in the opposite headlamp. In case of the bulb works then you simply have to replace the faulty bulb. A blown fuse can also be the culprit. You may need to check the wires and see if there are melted parts along with it. The melted fuse should be replaced when this is the case.