What Are Porsche Exhaust Components?

When purchasing a used vehicle, there are any number of factors that need to be considered to determine the reliability and value of the part in question. The more you understand about the workings of a vehicle, the more qualified you are to make a competent inspection and evaluation. Porsche exhaust components are an important aspect, particularly when shopping for a used vehicle. To help you better understand the components of a Porsche exhaust system and how they work together, we've put together a little information below.

The Exhaust System of Your Car

On today's highways and byways, there are numerous types of vehicles. For the parts involved and the vehicles themselves, new designs are constantly popping up. To guide engine gases safely away from driver and passengers, a crucial part of the vehicle is the exhaust system. It helps to control the pollutants from a vehicle while they enter the atmosphere. When it comes to exhaust systems, there are a handful of major players. Let's take a look at some important Porsche exhaust components.

The Exhaust Manifold

This is tubing or a single part that is responsible for directing your engines exhaust gases to the exhaust pipe. Ordinarily, from several engine cylinders, the exhaust manifold directs these gases. However, pipes for individual cylinders can have a manifold called a header. Stainless steel or cast-iron is used to make this part though some custom models are polished chrome, painted, or ceramic coated.

The Catalytic Converter

The three-way catalytic converter is the most widely used today. This part of your Porsche exhaust system changes carbon monoxide, nitrogen, and unburned hydrocarbons to water and carbon dioxide. It serves to lessen the vehicle’s air pollution.

The Muffler of the Exhaust System

When in use, the engine sound from your car would be objectionable and extremely loud were it not for the invention of the muffler. To lessen the sound that comes from the exhaust pipe, the muffler on your Porsche likely has resonating chambers, stainless scrubble, and fiberglass insulation. The back pressure created by mufflers is considered a down side by some individuals because it makes the vehicle have less fuel efficiency and less power.

Finally, The Exhaust Pipe

This is the tail end of your Porsche exhaust system but is also involved along with the way, within the workings. Along the way, it carries gases to the rest of the system from the manifold. It also, at the tail end of the system, expels the final water and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Ordinarily, exhaust pipes are fashioned from stainless steel.

Exhaust System Types

As suggested earlier, parts and designs are changing all the time. The following are a number of common exhaust systems:

  • High-performance – expect maximum performance.
  • Opposite dual exhaust system – for trucks that tow and larger vehicles.
  • Dual rear exhaust – for cars that should sound powerful or are powerful.
  • Dual side exhaust – gives a sports car sound and look.
  • Single exit exhaust – small passenger vehicles and inexpensive cars.

The exhaust system on your Porsche plays a major part in the clean operation of your vehicle and its fuel efficiency. Always make sure that only Porsche parts are being used for your Porsche exhaust system.