What Are Potential Porsche Sunroof Problems?

A Porsche sunroof makes an already awesome-looking car more extraordinary. Sunroof just has that superior quality in it that speaks class. However, most owners find that a sunroof never gets used too much. There are also common sunroof problems that may develop even if it is not used on a regular basis.

In general, there are three kinds of Porsche sunroof problems.

Mechanical Problems

For mechanical sunroof problems, there are two common ones that are encountered by Porsche vehicle owners. It is either a loose or a broken glass that is caused either by a falling object or some flying road debris. Depending on what kind of glass damage, dust and rain can enter through the gaps which can distract you when driving. With this problem, a sunroof glass replacement is the best fix.

Motor Failure

Another common Porsche sunroof problem is an inoperable motor. There might be electrical problems that are causing the motor to stop working. It could be the switch, the wirings, the fuse, or the motor itself is faulty. It is quite tricky to access the motor and not being sure about what to look for could only worsen the damage. Better have an expert mechanic to check and diagnose what is causing the motor failure.

Sticking Sunroof

Most of the times, a sticking or popping sunroof may be caused by a lubrication problem. A simple fix is to grease the tracks to free up the sticking sunroof. Using a heavy silicone grease could also help prevent premature wear of the sunroof. Another reason why sticking happens is when there are worn-out or broken cables. Other mechanical parts like the gears may also be broken or there are grease and debris build-up. If any of these are causing the problem, a visit to the auto-repair shop is the best thing to do.

Caring For Your Sunroof

There are several methods of keeping the sunroof in tip-top shape. Aside from visiting the shop for a regular maintenance, you can avoid having sunroof issues by doing proper care and a simple at-home maintenance routine. Do this by keeping the sunroof thoroughly cleaned. When cleaning the glass part, avoid using cleaners that contain either ammonia or vinegar. Use a mild detergent instead and wipe it with a lint-free cloth. The gasket, metal frame, and the tracks may be cleaned with cool water and mild detergent. An old toothbrush may be used to scrub off wax build-up, dirt, and other debris. Check the mounting hardware and the tracks for any problem. After cleaning, the moving parts should be lubricated using a silicone-based lubricant. The sliding rails should be carefully greased to make the gliding of the sunroof smooth.               

Ideally, a visit to a sunroof professional is a must as part of an annual maintenance check-up. This will ensure that the sunroof is cleaned, adjusted, and thoroughly inspected inside and out.