What Are Standard Porsche Ball Bearing Components?

Have you ever wondered what brings about the smoothness that you are looking for in your Porsche ride? It is no less than ball bearings or wheel bearings. They are critical parts for the functioning of the tire, hub, and wheel assemblies, and can be relied upon to ensure that wheels and tires operate without any friction at all. These parts also have their own sets of components which you must be familiar with.


Balls in ball bearings are components that separate the outer ring from that of the outer ring. These balls roll, and allow the bearing to rotate with less amount of friction. These components have a radii that is a bit smaller than that of the grooved ball track found in the inner and outer rings. This allow the balls to come in contact with the rings while they do their job. It is important for these components to be controlled in terms of size variations, surface finish, and size variations.

Inner Ring

The inner ring is actually the smaller of the two rings found in a ball bearing. It has a groove found on its outer diameter, where the balls find their pathway when functioning. The surface of the inner ring is a combination of a very smooth surface that complies with extremely tight tolerances. It is mounted against the shaft and is regarded as the rotating element in a ball bearing.


This is yet another crucial part among all ball bearing standard components. It is used in order to reduce the friction made in between the bearing and its two rings – inner and outer rings. This should be checked from time to time in order to ensure that the bearings are working properly.

Outer Ring

The second of the two bearing rings is the outer ring. It is larger than the inner ring, and has a groove found inside its inner diameter. This works to provide a pathway with which the balls can work on. The outer ring, though held stationery, contains the same precision finish that the inner ring has been given.


Also known as the cage, the retainer is responsible in separating the balls, such that the amount of space between the inner and outer rings is constantly maintained. This is important in guiding the balls when it rotates, and prevents it from falling out when functioning.

Other Important Ball Bearing Components

Apart from standard bearing components, there are also other important components that help the ball bearing perform better. These components can be customized depending on the requirements of the user.

One of these components is the shield which is pressed into a small groove on the outer ring's inside diameter. This gives the bearing a lower torque than usual and prevents contamination from entering the bearing. Then, there is the seal, which is inserted into the small groove inside the outer ring's edge diameter. There is a specific lip configuration for this one which can be molded to meet the specifications of the bearings.