What Are The Common Porsche Alternator Problems?

The alternator is the component of a car that ensures that voltage demand of the cars electrical system is met. The problems of the alternator are indicated by the dimming of headlights, dead battery, a warning light on the dashboard, weird noises from the alternator and failure of the other components of the electrical system. Here are the Porsche alternator problems that you are likely to encounter.

Rotor Bearing Failure

Rotor bearings are part of the rotor assembly. They allow the rotor to rotate freely inside the stator. These bearings may break due to dirt or extreme heat. When this happens, the rotor tends to slow down and finally stop. Without the rotation of the rotor, the alternator cannot generate any electricity. Porsches with rotor bearings failure produce loud grinding noise.

Broken Housings or Mountings

This is the casing that houses all the components of the alternator. In Porsches, this housing is made of aluminum since it cannot be magnetized.  When this casing breaks, the pieces may fall into the rotor or the engine. This will result in weird noises from the bonnet of your Porsche.

Broken Serpentine Belt

The alternator is connected to the engine via the serpentine belt. The engine supplies the mechanical power which is turned to electrical power by the alternator. When the belt breaks, the mechanical power supply to the alternator is cut; thus it cannot generate any electrical power. A loose belt will result in a reduction in the amount of voltage generated by your alternator.

Worn Out Brushes

These brushes are responsible for the transmission of electricity to the field coil located on the rotor. A defect on these brushes will immediately turn on the warning light on the dashboard of your Porsche.

Failure of The Regulator

Alternator regulator ensures that the amount of voltage produced is not too much or too little. In most cases, when the Porsche alternator regulator fails, the alternator tends to generate an excess voltage. The first indicator of a faulty regulator is the flickering of the headlights.

It’s rare for all the components of an alternator to fail at the same time. Commonly, alternator problems are caused by the failure of one or two components.

Porsche Alternator Maintenance

Porsche alternators are reliable and long lasting. However, proper maintenance is necessary to ensure that your alternator meets the voltage demand of your Porsche.  Proper care of an alternator includes:

  • Use of the right battery. Poor quality batteries will make your alternator overwork. Such an alternator has a very high chance of wearing out.
  • Do not ignore the warning lights and the noises from your Porsche. By doing so the worn out parts of your alternator are noted and replaced. This ensures that the other components run smoothly.

Regular servicing. Even if your Porsche is running smoothly, ensure it’s serviced once in a while. The experts may notice early signs of an alternator failure