What Are The Differences Between OEM and Aftermarket Porsche Windshields?

Your Porsche windscreen suddenly cracks. The first thing you think about is where and how you can get a replacement. So you visit a dealership and you’re face with two options. You can either go for OEM auto glass or an aftermarket auto glass. This two options sound confusing to you.  The two windshields look exactly the same yet you’re told that there is actually a difference. So which of these two options should you go for? What’s the difference in the first place? Read on to learn more.

OEM Windshields

OEM simply stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Note that OEM windshields are just as popular as aftermarket windshields. What makes OEM windshields unique has everything to do with the fact that the glass is fabricated by the same manufacturing company that provided the original windshield the automaker placed in your car. In essence, you will be getting a windshield that is as good as what your Porsche came with when it cruised off the assembly line. That is not all. OEM windshields also have special automaker branding.

Aftermarket Windshields

Aftermarket parts are usually made by a specific company other than the one behind the original equipment manufacturer. They can also be made by the same OEM entity or company but on a different production line. This can means two things. The quality can be the same as OEM’s or in some cases, the quality can be different. This alone explains why aftermarket options are always cheaper than OEM. This too is what differentiates OEM and Aftermarket windshields from each other. Be keen though, unless you are 100% sure that the aftermarket company behind your desired Porsche windshield guarantees quality, keep off. Cheap as it is often said, is always expensive in the long run.

OEM Windshields Safety

There is a big difference when it comes to safety between OEM windshields and aftermarket windshields. This may have been uncertain a decade or two ago, but that is not the case anymore. Think about it this way. The windshield is designed to support your vehicle’s structural integrity especially in a roll over situation. This means that it is by all means a safety related car part.  With OEM, you’re assured of quality. This is particularly important because car brands approve specific OEM companies, something that hardly ever happens with aftermarket auto part companies.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Work Well With OEM

Still on the safety issue, the recent advent of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems came along with new revelations on which of these two windshield options is safer than the other. Porsche now recommends that windshields with sensors and cameras fitted on them be replaced with OEM windshields when broken.  This is because non-OEM parts easily present unforeseen circumstances that can easily cause the driver assist to operate abnormally or fail completely.

Remember that modern Porsche models come along with features like lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control. These systems use cameras, radars and sensors. Replacing your Porsche windshield with anything other than OEM windshields will easily result in errors that can compromise your safety.