What Are The Different Options For Porsche Car Headlights?

Driving down that dark street can be quite a challenge. It becomes more challenging if you notice that your lights do not reflect light the same way it does before. You can always pull over to the shoulder and find out what is wrong. Normally, it can be because one of your headlight bulbs have already gone out. You should be familiar with the different options you have for Porsche car headlights and see which one suits the car model that you have at the moment.

There are actually two categories with which the different car headlights fall. One is according to the bulb that you are using. Another is according to wattage. The first three types to be discussed on this page pertain to the type of headlights according to bulb, and the remaining ones are according to wattage.

Halogen Bulbs

The most common type of bulb used for car headlights, halogen bulbs follow the filament-style structure. This is similar to those that are actually found in a house lamp. They are the least expensive among all options and require little to no maintenance at all.

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

This is considered the newest among all technologies used for headlight bulbs. While that is the case, it has already been around since the 1950s. In the past, LEDs were basically used for interior lights, taillights, license plate lights, and other non-projection applications. It was only in the recent years when they have been considered in car headlights. These bulbs do not require any special wiring, like a ballast. They are durable too, far better in terms of performance when compared to halogens and HID bulbs. It is the most expensive among all options though.

High Intensity Discharge Bulbs

Also known as xenon headlights, this type of bulb has been popular in the automotive industry since the 1950s. They do not have a filament, and they get their light from xenon gas ignition within the glass. You can use them longer than a halogen bulb, and does not require a great amount of wattage when you are running them. Remember that when your Porsche comes with HID bulbs, you cannot replace them with other types of bulbs. If your car uses either halogen or LED, you can configure them to become HID bulbs, in case you want to make a switch to this type of bulb.

 (brightness), a statistically longer use life, and require less wattage while running. If your vehicle came equipped with HID bulbs, then your replacement bulb will also have to be an HID. If your vehicle did not come with factory HID bulbs you can switch your bulbs by purchasing a headlight assembly conversion kit. Because HID

Types of Bulbs According to Wattage

Basing from the above types of headlight bulbs, you must also consider the wattage that comes with them. In most cases, halogen bulbs come in 55-watt replacements. HIDs, on the other hand, require about 35 watts. You must follow these standard requirements to make sure that you are using a light that is safe not just for you but for other motorists that you will meet on the road.