What Are The Different Types Of Exhaust Systems In Porsche Cars?

Exhaust systems in Porsche cars and other automobiles have a lot of basics in common. For all intents and purposes, a length of tube runs to the back of your vehicle and helps to remove the gases produced from a combustion engine – and through a catalytic converter in there somewhere. That’s what makes up an exhaust system. That is, of course, exceedingly simplified but it's a pretty cut and dried function. This is not to say, however, that exhaust systems in Porsche and other vehicles can't be tweaked and customized, depending on what the owner of the car is looking for.

We’re going to review five types of exhaust systems, at least one or more of which will be found on high-performance vehicles like your Porsche.

Your High-Performance Exhaust System

There is every possibility that this is the kind of exhaust system found on your Porsche. After all, the name Porsche in and of itself exudes high-performance.

Granted, this kind of exhaust system is going to be on the pricey side. It can, in many cases, also include changing the manifold, which will add to the expense. But there's a lot more to it than basic functions. As an example, when it comes to filtering out the gases, it does a more efficient job than other systems. These are fitted as after-market products – not standard. They may also increase performance and make your car run more efficiently. Engine performance is increased due, in part, to a wider exhaust pipe which reduces pressure.

The Dual Side Exhaust System

The name says it all – on one side of the vehicle you will find two exhaust pipes as opposed to one singular exhaust pipe running the length of the car. This is a more efficient system than a basic one pipe system because two pipes are being used to expel the gases. Additionally, the sound is deeper. For someone who wants their car to look and sound sportier, and possibly even perform better, this is a nice system. It's also not as expensive as the high-performance system.

The Dual Exhaust System

Once again, pay attention to the name. As in the previous system, two pipes are used. In this case, however, rather than a straight system, the filtering process is enhanced by the bending or wrapping of the system around the wheel. Frequently, on vehicles that tow large loads, this system is used (i.e. vehicles that tow boats or haul trailers). Under certain circumstances, they may be more efficient than the dual side exhaust systems.

Dual Rear Exit Systems

Again, if you want your car to sound and look sportier, this can be the way to go. The sound made by this exhaust system gives the illusion that the engine is more powerful. From the front to under the back bumper, and on opposite sides of the vehicle, two exhaust pipes run – one on each side. Compared to the next exhaust system (single exit pipe), they do expel gas more efficiently.

The Single Exit Pipe System

If you buy a basic truck or car off the lot, the single exit type exhaust system is the most common one used. When it comes installation and building, this single pipe system is the cheapest. What it lacks in efficiency, it makes up for in affordability. Ordinarily, the passenger side of the vehicle is where this exhaust pipe runs/exits.

For the exhaust system in your Porsche, work should always be done by someone that is qualified and has all the correct tools. Additionally, never use anything but Porsche parts when it comes to replacements or to repair. These parts are specially designed for the performance expected from a Porsche and cannot be duplicated with the same results.