What Are The Different Types Of Porsche Windshield Wipers?

Your Porsche windshield wipers are among the most important yet most neglected component in your luxury vehicle. These has to be inspected from time to time, in order to see to it if there are tears in the rubber. Doing this will help ensure that you are driving according to safety requirements, most especially when the weather seems to be tougher than usual. In line with this, there are different types of windshield wipers according to their movements that you must be aware of.

Pivot Windshield Wipers

Also known as radial wipers, these come in two versions namely those for left-hand drive cars and for right-hand drive automobiles. The LHD version is one secured to one arm that is attached to the car's motor. The RHD counterpart, on the other hand, is one that is the exact opposite of the LHD type, or the mirror reverse of the pivot LHD wiper.

Single Blade Wipers

Single blade wipers are popular in cars where windshield wipers are found on the rear of the vehicle. It glides with a center pivot, and moves back and forth in order to ensure that the entire windshield is covered during its movement.

Pantograph Wipers

These are popular in vehicles that have larger windshields. It has an arm attached on a pivot with the other arm attached to the motor. There are two arms found on each wiper blade. The mechanism is made in order to ensure that it can cover the entire windshield when doing its job. Take note that these wipers are positioned at the center of the windshield when not in use.

Sequential Sweep Wipers

These wipers are more complicated that all other designs since the wipers are made to move in opposite directions simultaneously. This design is believed to help in ensuring that the windshield is covered when functioning. This can reduce the risk of leaving a corner – either on the windshield or the front passenger – unwiped when the wipers are in use.

Dual Windshield Wipers

These ones can either be pivoted on top or at the bottom of the windshield. The one pivoted on top feature two windshield wipers that operate from the top to the bottom rather than the other way around. The other type operates on two windshields following a pivot that starts movement from the bottom to the top.

Monoblade Wipers

These wipers rely on cantilevers for their movement. The wiper is connected to a single arm system that can extend on an upward movement so that it can easily reach the top of the windshield. It glides from each end then goes to the middle of the windshield, such that it creates the letter M during movement.

There may be different types of windshield wipers but there is one thing that you must remember when purchasing one. You must buy the one that fits your car model. In case you have questions regarding the different types that you can choose from, it is also crucial to ask your product provider about it. Never hesitate to discover more about these car components.