What Are The Symptoms Of A Failing Porsche Engine Mount?

Engine mounts are responsible for firmly securing the engine to the chassis. This makes it one of the most important components. They also come in handy when it comes to dampening engine vibration so you can drive comfortably. Made of metal and rubber, they come in different shapes and sizes.  It is easy to understand why they are made of either metal or rubber. On one hand, metal makes it easy for the mounts to withstand torque and force generated by the car engine. On the other hand, rubber easily absorbs and dampens vibrations.  But like other key components designed to make your driving experience easy, engine mounts sometimes fail. Fortunately, their failure is usually preceded by several signs such as:

Impact Noise

This is one of the most common signs of a failing Porsche engine mount. The noise will most likely come from the engine bay. This is usually caused by damaged, broken or worn motor mounts. The mounts then go on to produce banging and clunking sounds mainly because of the weight of the engine moving and shifting to the point of contact. Be keen too when changing gears. A broken mounts will make this simple task easy or will simply cause loud noises each time you engage a different gear.

Too Much Vibration

Too much vibration in this case is caused by the mounts’ inability to absorb vibration. This is hardly ever a good sign especially if it is accompanied by the aforementioned impact noise. The vibrations will worsen within a short time if ignored, making the cabin extremely uncomfortable to both the driver and the passengers.

Engine Movement

The engine will stay firmly in place without any noise or vibrations if the mounts are in good condition. Anytime the mounts develop a glitch though, you will have a problem with the engine suddenly moving side to side inside the engine bay. The engine may also move forward or backwards. These movements may be especially pronounced anytime you accelerate. It may or may not be accompanied by impact noise.

Remember that engine mounts are important not just to the engine but to other parts of your car as well. Compact engine mounts are also essential for your safety. Left ignored, they can easily damage other components around the engine area. That is why fixing the mounts as soon as you suspect they are loose is vita. Be sure to have an expert fix them. This is important especially for Porsche models which always call for precision when dealing with engine repairs and maintenance.

Point To Note

Do not drive with worn or damaged engine mounts for too long. Once broken or damaged, it will just be a matter of time before they damage other parts such as the transmission or the axle shaft.  There is also the fact that some engine mounts are designed to hold oil inside them. This means they will leak as soon as they break, wear out or become damaged. The best you can do is to identify the affected mounts then replace them. This should not be a problem for Porsche owners as Porsche engine mounts are available both online and offline.