What Are The Symptoms Of A Failing Porsche Headlight Switch?

Otherwise known as the dimmer switch, the headlight switch is important in controlling an automobile's headlight functions. Most modern vehicles today carry with them a headlight switch that is part of the combination switch lever. Some come in knobs or buttons mounted to the vehicle's interior, while others are mounted on the steering column. With regular use of the switch, however, there will be instances when they can go bad. Here is a list of those that you need to pay attention to when it comes to this component.

High Beam Problems

One of the most common symptoms of a failing headlight switch is a high beam problem. Issues can range from having troubles when keeping the high beam engaged to all other problems connected when operating high beams. Headlight switches commonly operate by pulling its lever backwards so that it can lock into place, then you can use the high beam headlights. When the switch breaks through time, there is a tendency that the high beam headlights will stay on permanently. Some faulty switches can also be the cause of disengaged high beams.

Lights Won't Work

This is considered one of the more serious issues you will face with a faulty headlight switch. Being an essential headlight component, the last thing you will ever want is to encounter problems not just with your headlights but all other lights in your automobile. There will be instances when you turn on the headlights, and you will notice that none of the lights you have are turned on. This will definitely compromise your safety down the road, not just during nighttime, but also in extreme weather conditions where rain is hard and there is snow along the road.

Switching Mode Problems

Headlights have different modes – either the high beam or low beam or somewhere in between. You will know that something is wrong with your automobile's headlight switch if you fail to switch between these modes accordingly. There are instances when the broken switch can still work but only on certain modes. Some broken switches can be worse in that the lights come on and off erratically and intermittently. This can affect visibility and decrease the illumination that you need when driving, thus compromising your safety.

What to Do When You Notice Any of These Signs

A problem with your headlight switch and any other headlamp components should never be neglected. Some of these have temporary solutions, but more often than not, you will need to replace the part that has been affected. When your headlight switch shows any of the signs above and you do not really know what to do, you need to go to the nearest auto repair shop and have your car checked right away. Otherwise, it may take time before you can ever drive your car again.

Make it a point that you only buy genuine Porsche auto parts when you have problems with your headlight switch and other car components for the luxury brand. This is the only way that you can be sure that you can drive safely once the part has been replaced.