What Does A Porsche Car Radiator do?

It is true that most car owners know very little about how the car systems operate. When asked to point out the engine, the radiator, or the alternator for example, you can do it with ease. But do you know details about what they do, or how they function. Today our focus is on educating you about the radiator.

What Is A Radiator?

A Porsche car radiator is a cooling system that keeps the engine from overheating. See when driving, the engine works hard to keep the car moving. This can result in our engine producing too much heat. To help regulate the temperatures and prevent overheating, coolant is passed through the engine.

The work of a coolant is to conduct excess heat away from the engine block and towards the radiator. Don’t get confused if you see that another car’s radiator looks significantly different from yours. Porsche car radiators all work the same but may come in different designs, shapes and sizes.

What Exactly Does A Car Radiator Do?

In simple terms, the radiator’s job is to cool the engine. The coolant is a liquid that absorbs heat from the engine. The radiator works to cool down the hot liquid coolant by fanning it with cold air from outside. The radiator consists of metal fins where the coolant passes through as it cools.

Main Parts of A Radiator

To better understand the functions of a radiator, it is important that you first know the main parts of a radiator. They include;

  • The core

This is a rectangular shaped metal block which contains many small metal fins whose job is to provide an exit for hot air.  It is the largest part of a radiator. Radiators are designed different. You can find the single core, two core, or three core radiators.

  • Outlet and inlet tanks

The inlet tank allows the coolant access to the engine before the outlet tank channels the now hot coolant from the engine to the radiator.

  • Pressure cap

The pressure cap has a spring whose job is to create even more pressure. The pressures here can measure up to 20 PSI. To avoid seriously burning yourself, never remove the pressure cap if the car has been running for a long time or if the coolant is still hot.

  • Transmission cooler

Some radiators are designed to have one radiator for the engine and a different radiator for the transmission system. Most cars have one radiator which works to cool both the engine and the transmission using the same coolant or transmission fluid.

It is important that your Porsche car radiator is checked and maintained regularly especially if you bump into something or you’re involved in an accident. This way, you are sure that all faults are caught in time and that your car engine works in superb conditions without the risk of overheating. Ultimately this helps extend your car life.