What Does The Porsche A/C Receiver Do?

Receivers, also known as driers, work well with air conditioning units that are also using expansion valves. These driers play a particular purpose that you must be familiar with. Inside your Porsche cars, the Porsche A/C receiver looks like metal cans. It uses an inlet and an outlet and can either be connected to the condenser or between the condenser outlet and valve inlet.

Functions of A/C Receivers

Basically, the receiver is used to temporarily store oil and refrigerant that is not yet needed to operate the A/C unit. Since it receives the oil then stores it when it is not yet needed to provide the cooling to the vehicle, it has been called a receiver. It comes with filters, the function of which is to make sure that debris will not come out and interfere with the functioning of the A/C unit.

Desiccant in the Receiver

The desiccant is a special substance contained in the drier. This one absorbs moisture which is common with the use of an air conditioning system. Take note that moisture can also get into other A/C components like the A/C compressor, condenser, and valve among others. Since the receiver is otherwise known as the drier, it is tasked to make sure that the entire system and components remain dry all the time.

What if the Receiver Fails to Work?

When this is the case, you will expect moisture to be trapped into the system instead of staying in the receiver where they are supposed to be dried later. This can lead to damage that can easily spread to the entire unit. Once it gets into the accumulator, it comes in contact with the refrigerant. With that taking place, the combination will then turn into corrosive substances. Pipes, hoses and all other parts will corrode and will then make the refrigerant leak.

Replacing the Receiver

When moisture is not absorbed by the receiver, do you think it is time to replace the component? The truth is that receivers must be replaced once the A/C system has been sent and opened for servicing. Take note that while the desiccant in the receiver is expected to do its job of absorbing moisture, once the unit has been opened for service, the entire system is opened to. This exposes it to moisture with the desiccant becoming saturated at this point too. This will make the desiccant ineffective. In the process, even the filter will accumulate dust and debris which can hamper the function of the receiver. This will then entail replacement of the drier.

Is Your Receiver No Longer Working?

Watch out for signs that will answer this question. This is important because you do not want the entire unit malfunctioning just because you did not pay close attention to your failing receiver. You should inspect the receiver once any of the foregoing symptoms manifest. One is when you spot a moldy smell that comes out of your car's A/C. The mold is brought about by the fact that the drier no longer traps the moisture.

Another sign is a rattling noise in the chamber. This can be taken as a sign that the chambers have been contaminated. There can also be loose fittings in the drier. Make sure this concern is addressed the soonest possible time so as not to damage the system further.