What Factors Affect The Effectiveness Of A Porsche Oil Filter?

The oil filter ensures that small particles found in the oil do not clog the engine of your Porsche. It is the backbone of the oil filtration process. For your Porsche to achieve the ultimate performance, the oil filtration process should be perfect. An oil filter is said to be effective if it allows very few or no particles to pass through it.  The effectiveness of the filter is dependent on many factors. In this article, we will explore the factors that are likely to affect the efficiency of the oil filter in your Porsche

Viscosity Of The Oil

Oil viscosity only has a minor effect on the effectiveness of the oil filter. A significant change is only observed in extremes of the viscosity. The dirt holding capacity of the Porsche oil filter decreases as the viscosity of the oil increases. Very dense oil is not suitable for your Porsche!

Flow Rate

Flow rate refers to the amount of oil that passes through the oil filter at a specified pressure. The effectiveness of Porsche decreases with the increase in the flow rate. Very high flow rate may disrupt the traps found on the filter. When the integrity of these traps is compromised, the dirt retaining the capacity of the oil filter if affected negatively.

Vibrations from The Engine

The effectiveness of an oil filter is dependent on the integrity of the material used to make the filter. Strong vibrations have a negative effect on the integrity of the oil filter. These vibrations may destroy the alignment of the traps or form holes on the filter. This allows particles to pass through the filter into the engine.


Temperature has a direct effect on the viscosity. High-temperature cause oil to thin; thus the viscosity decreases. This means that cold oil is denser than warm oil; thus the effectiveness of the Porsche oil filters decreases linearly with the drop of the oil’s temperature.


As you drive your Porsche, the oil filter is subjected to frequent pressure changes. High pressures decrease the effectiveness of the oil filter. This pressure damages the fabric used in making the oil filter; thus the filter more particles to freely pass through it.

Type of Engine

Does your Porsche have a diesel or petrol powered engine? Diesel engines affect the effectiveness of the filter. The combustion in a diesel engine produces carbon particles. Upon reaching the oil filter, these particles affect the integrity of the Porsche oil filter.

Quality of Oil

Poor quality oils are likely to clog your Porsche oil filter thus reducing its dirt carrying capacity. This reduces the effectiveness of an oil filter.

The best oil filter maintenance tip is; change both the oil and the Porsche oil filter regularly. When the filter is clogged the oil circulating in your engine is not cleaned effectively. This dirty oil may damage the engine of your sweet ride!