What Is My Porsche Trying To Tell Me With A Popping Sound When Turning?

Any sound other than the all-time popular and familiar buzz of a Porsche engine is always a tell-tale sign that something is wrong somewhere. It is easy to understand why any strange sound coming off the engine or the gear box as you drive should get you worried. Your driving experience should be flawless. The only sound you should hear is that of your Porsche engine. So when you turn and the first thing you hear is a popping sound, you know for sure there’s a problem. But how bad in the first place is the popping sound? What does it mean? Should the sound be alarming? Read on to learn more.

Possible Causes

You will quickly notice that the strange popping sound often seems to be coming from the wheels. This is hardly ever the case though as they come from the steering system. The system is complex, so finding out where the root cause is can be a daunting task. You’ll most likely have to engage an expert. Note that the problem could be in any of the many components that make up the steering wheel system.

Cracked CV Joint

This mostly happens in front wheel drive models. The CV joint, which is right next to the front axle is designed to function as the steering system’s wrist. It makes it easy for the shaft to remain flexible as it runs the wheels as well as the suspension. This means that if the joint tears or breaks, grease will spill. It won’t take long before the spill cripples the axle’s operation. The result will be a series of clicking noises each time you take a turn.

Worn Out Tie Rod

Your Porsche’s tie rod is most likely about to break if you hear a popping sound as you make a turn. This is of course, dangerous especially if you do not find out where the trouble is and fix it immediately. Lift up the corner of your Porsche as you hold the wheel at 3 and 9 o’clock positions. Gently push and pull the steering wheel. If the pull and push movement produces the pop sound, then the problem is certainly with the tie rod. Have it replaced as soon as possible.

Faulty Struts

Struts come in handy in the suspension system. They cushion the suspension from hard impacts that are synonymous with off road driving. Struts also work with spring coils to reduce incoming shocks. In a nutshell, struts play a vital role when it comes to reducing shock. Think of it as an integral part of the suspension system that protects the vehicle from jerks, shocks and bumps. It also protects cabin structure. Bad struts will not just produce audible popping sounds but also compromise the entire suspension system.

Loose Hubcaps

The lug nuts on your Porsche steering system have a sturdy cover on them. The cover, which can be made of metal or plastic is what is referred to as the hubcap. The hubcaps will constantly wobble and flutter if the nuts are loose. This will create a popping sound which will get worse if you take long to fix the problem. Keep in mind too that the noise will worsen as your car picks up speed.