What Is The Best Installation Method For A Porsche Grille Assembly?

Shopping for a new custom grille can be quite a challenge. You need to consider the different installation methods that are best for your next car project. Installation instructions may vary from one manufacturer to the other. It is important to read these notes carefully before you do the job. The following installation methods for a Porsche grille assembly will help in case you want to change your car's grilles.


Overlaying is an installation method that is designed for those of you who want to fit the grille directly over your existing OEM grille. This just means that the OEM grille remains in place and the overlay will make that grille visible after installation. Otherwise known as bolt-overs, this method makes use of hidden bolts and clamps to secure the front bumper component into place.

The good thing about this method is you do not need to spend a lot of time performing the installation job. You need not remove the original grille, plus there is no cutting or drilling required in the process. They also offer the best value for your money. It comes with a downside though, that is, the original grille can actually destroy the idea of installing a new grille over the surface.


The replacement type of grille requires more installation time when compared to the first type of method discussed above. This is because you need to completely remove the original grille assembly, including the border shell and all other components. Installing the new grille will be moderately easy, though, since it will only require unbolting the old grille then bolting on the new one. Cutting will not be needed although you may need to remove lower and upper shrouds to make installation easier. The bumper cover may also require removal in the process. With this installation method, your new grille adds more aesthetics to your car.


This installation requires replacing the center grille only, which means that you reuse the perimeter piece or the outer shell. This requires a lot of time since the original grille needs to be removed. It also requires cutting away a part of the original grille before you can install the center portion. In this case, you will need to use some power tools when cutting the grille. You need to be familiar with this technique before you can do it on your own. Once you have cut the original grille, there is no turning back, thus you should be sure that this installation method is what you really want before you even think of going on with the job.

Tips for Grille Installation

Now that you are familiar with the different grille installation methods, and you have pinpointed the pros and cons of each style, you can decide which one will work best for your project. Remember that you may need the help of a professional to finish the entire job. Once you are finished with the new custom grille, you will definitely see that hard work pays off.