What Is The Service Lifespan Of Porsche Windshield Wipers?

Windshield wipers are very important parts of your luxury vehicle. The sad thing is that not all car drivers recognize the importance of these components. As they are used to remove any obstruction from your view – from rain and sleet to snow, debris and leaves – you have to make sure that they are working all the time.

Basically, the Porsche windshield wipers work quickly and smoothly in getting rid of all these obstructions. Just by pushing a button, the wiper system will start doing its job. But what if they suddenly stop working at the most crucial times you need them the most? Does that mean they have reached the end of their service lifespan?

How Windshield Wipers Work

Working even during the most extreme weather conditions, imagine how much toll these wipers can take. They won't talk when they are tired but with some squeaking and the appearance of streaks on the windshield, you know they have already reached their maximum efficiency.

It is true that you rely much on your wipers to work during extreme weather conditions, specifically when it is raining outside or during winter. During these times, the blades will become fractured and they will also be prone to fractures. That does not mean that blades will last longer if you live in a sunny or dry place. The truth is that once wipers are exposed to heat, chances are they will lack moisture. This can damage the blades as well even if you have not used the wipers for some time.

What Experts Say

Experts recommend that the wiper blades should at least be changed once every six to 12 months. This will depend on the weather conditions as well as how often you use the wipers. Additionally, you can consider what the blades are made out of when making a decision.

Take note that blades made out of ordinary rubber should be replaced more frequently than other types. The halogen-hardened version, on the other hand, lasts longer than rubber blades. You will enjoy silicone blades longer than these two types. In fact, you can use them up to more than a year even when they are exposed to the harshest weather conditions.  

Signs Indicating That Your Wiper Blades Need Replacement

There are some signs that you can use as bases to replace your wiper blades. As mentioned a while back, you should replace your blades once you notice that streaks are formed as they move over the windshield. You must replace them too once you notice large gaps when it comes to removing water or debris over your windshield.

There are also cases when you will notice chattering sounds while the windshield is moving. You need to replace the blades when this happens. Otherwise, if you leave the problem unattended for a long time, the blade will shred, and can even be a cause for the arms to break loose. This will damage the windshield because the arms will already come in contact with the glass.

Should you Replace the Entire Windshield Wiper?

It is the wiper blades that you need to change once every six to 12 months; not the entire blade assembly. In case the wiper arms become bent then that is the time you will have to replace them as well.