What Makes My Porsche Speakers Malfunction All The Time?

The speakers of your Porsche are complex equipment which can often tend to wear out, or worse, break. This can be caused due to a number of reasons. The internal components of the speaker can become loose or even wear out due to prolonged usage. Speakers can also be blown out if the volume is cranked high enough so as to cause damage to the speakers. However, if all the speakers in your Porsche stop working all at once, chances might be that the problem lies either in the amp, the wiring, or the head unit. The wiring connecting a single speaker to the head unit can cause the entire audio system of the car to blow up.

Some Common Defects In The Speakers

You will know that your speaker is not working fine and requires repairing if:

  1. The sound comes out fuzzy, distorted, and unclear.
  2. The bass, mid-tones or treble don't come out clearly.
  3. There is an unpleasant popping or rattling sound instead of music.
  4. The speakers do not vibrate when they are in operation.

If Your Porsche Speaker Has Been Emitting A Lot Of Hissing And Distorted Noises

In order to solve a problem, it is important to go to the root of the cause. Conduct a thorough inspection; check the wires of the speaker and the patch cables. If you don't seem to detect any problem that way, you can unplug the speakers from the amplifier to which they are connected. If the sound still doesn't go away, you will have to look for a bad ground. Always remember, the problem with your Porsche speaker could also be lying in the head unit or the source of audio. In this case, it is advisable to seek the assistance of the professionals.

If There Is A Clipping Noise

This kind of noise is usually caused when the amplifier clips the audio waveform. This happens when the amplifier becomes unable to provide sufficient power to all subwoofers or speakers. In a Porsche speaker, this problem can also be caused due to burnt wires. In this case, one either has to downgrade the speaker or upgrade the amplifier. However, if you are confident about the capacity of the amplifier, you need to check the wires for wear and tear.

The issues with your Porsche speaker can be numerous. If there is no problem turning on the head unit, but the speakers do not make any noise, one can easily infer that the problem lies in the speaker. However, it is not that easy to jump to conclusions. Just because the head unit is turning on without any hindrance doesn't mean that the issue doesn't like within the head unit. Consult your problem with a professional and resolve the problem with your Porsche speaker in no time!