What Makes Porsche Water Injection Systems So Special?

Have you ever wondered what is the physics or the concept behind Porsche water injection systems? The concept, as you are about to find out is simple. Before then though, it is worth noting that Porsche water injection systems keep on changing. Improvements are made regularly to enhance performance, safety and fuel efficiency.  Despite these changes, one thing remains constant. What is injected always falls into three main categories. The content of injection could be oxygen enhancers, additional fuel or coolants. This is what makes Porsche water injection systems special. Here is how each of these three contents work.

Additional Fuel

 Diesel fuel starts burning seconds after it is injected. There’s little opportunity or chance for the fuel to mix well with air. This is one of the main reasons why diesel leaves close to one fifth of the air in cylinders unused. It is solely for this reason that diesel that makes less horsepower compared to gasoline engines. The only way to address this problem is to inject another fuel such as propane direct into the diesel’s manifold. This will give the diesel enough time to mxi with air thoroughly. Once propane is injected, the combustion process will still start as soon as the diesel fuel is injected. However, the lean mixture of propane will go an extra mile to consume the air that would have otherwise been wasted. Propane and air mixture will also increase the speed of combustion and enhance efficiency. Alcohol is also a good alternative to propane as it achieves the same outcome.

Oxygen Enhancers

The amount of oxygen an engine can ingest is directly proportional to the power output it can give. That is why ‘go faster’ solutions like higher rpm, larger displacement and forced induction all focus on pumping out more air. What many people do not know is that you can achieve the same outcome by adding an engine friendly substance that contains oxygen. A good example of such substance is N2O or nitrous oxide which 33% oxygen. Injecting it into the engine manifold will increase the amount of oxygen that ends up in the cylinders. Note that nitrous oxide on its own does not help the engine make more power. It simply helps the engine churn out more power by allowing it continually burn more fuel. Nitrous oxide also comes along with extra benefits to power output mainly because it is stored in liquid state in a pressurized tank. It also cools the intake charge as it evaporates. This increases charge density and at the same time, boosts oxygen intake.


Spraying water into the engine manifold causes the water to vaporize. This lowers the temperature of the intake charge. The charge simply becomes dense. This translates to more air and more fuel reaching the cylinders. Thin in turn translates to more power. The lower charge temperature also plays an important role. It significantly reduced the likelihood of detonation or knock. This allows either a more boost pressure or a higher compression ratio.

Point To Note 

Porsche water injection systems are highly advanced. They also guarantee more power. Like other components though, they call for regular servicing and maintenance. With that in mind, take your Porsche for servicing at least once a month.