What Should You Be On The Lookout For When Buying Porsche Serpentine Belts?

They may look odd. They may also look insignificant. But it doesn’t matter how they look. Your car needs them so as to move. That’s because they help everything inside the car work. They connect components like the water pump, the A/C compressor, the alternator and the power steering pump.

Like other components, they have a come a long way. Before they were invented, car makers used thinner belts to tie different parts of the vehicle together. This always caused problems, so a solution was sought. That is how and why the serpentine belt came about. One sturdy belt was used instead of several smaller belts. This made it easy for the engine to withstand daily pressures of long drives without difficulties. Unfortunately, serpentine belts succumb to wear and tear as it is often the case with most car parts. They also stretch overtime and lose their strength. So how do you go about looking for a new one? Here’s how.

Size Matters

Check for the belt size on your old serpentine belt. If it does not have a number, use your Porsche manual. If you can’t find the number, slip off the old serpentine belt then use a string to measure the length. Order a belt that is one size smaller than the old belt. The deducted measurement will make up for the stretching that the old belt endured for months or years while still in use.

But With Other Components

To save both time and money and avoid making multiple purchases, include adhesives, gaskets and any other hardware you may need when installing the new serpentine belt. Be sure to also examine the tensioner for defects. Purchase one as well if it has any visible defects. You may even consider getting a full kit just to make sure that all the components you buy are compatible with each other.

Be Keen When Buying Online

Check first the return policy of the online auto part store you’re buying from.  The product IDs of what you want to buy should match. Then once again, be keen with the size. This is important because you may have to return the belt if you order for the wrong size. That is why the return policy of the store you’re buying from matters.

Quality Matters

This is where factors such as brand come into the picture. Unfortunately with serpentine belts, you have to choose from so many brands. This can be hard for anyone buying the belt for the first time. Recommendations from friends who also drive Porsche models can save you. But what happens where you have no one to ask for assistance. The best you can do is to consider online reviews. The thumb rule here is simple. Cheap is always expensive, so avoid cheap car parts by all means especially if your mechanic does not recommend it. Then by all means, always buy your car parts from trusted stores both online and offline. This is the only way you can sure of getting value for your money.