What Should You Do With A Clogged Porsche Accumulator?

Found at the heart of a car's air conditioning unit, the A/C compressor is very vital for the efficient functioning of the system. The compressor should work well with other parts too so that you can be sure that you will enjoy the cool breeze from the A/C unit. Take note that when one of these components fail, it will already be impossible for other components to work.

Speaking of components, one of the vital parts that work with the Porsche compressor is the Porsche accumulator. This is a sensitive component that can affect the other parts too once it no longer works. It can encounter a lot of issues, one of it being the fact that it can get clogged at some point. What can you do about this situation?

The Function of the Accumulator

The basic function of the accumulator is to make sure that the refrigerant will not enter the compressor when it is at its liquid state. Once the accumulator gets clogged, you will notice serious problems with the A/C. This will happen especially when the particular problem has not been resolved immediately. What should you do with a clogged accumulator then?

Knowing the Signs of Clogging in the Accumulator

You can list plenty of signs that signify that you have a clogged accumulator. One is when you notice that it takes time for the car to cool. In fact, for the worse, you may even experience no air coming out of the A/C vents. Beyond helping prevent the liquid refrigerant from entering into the compressor, there are yet other functions for the accumulator.

One of those functions is to make sure that it can remove dirt and debris from the system. But what if the dirt or debris builds up in the accumulator itself? This is when the accumulator gets clogged. When this is the case, there is no way for the refrigerant to be distributed properly so that it can circulate and provide the cool air that you want.

What Happens When the Accumulator Gets Clogged?

It can lead to other problems too like the fact that the refrigerant can leak. When the refrigerant mixes with moisture, it can result in the corrosive acid formation. This acid will then spread all throughout the air conditioning system and will poke holes on the hoses inside it. This will then lead to refrigerant and mineral oil leaks.

How Do You Solve the Problem?

You will never want the idea of having the clogged accumulator affect the entire air conditioning system. At the first signs of clogging, you must already do something about it. How you wish you can check on the problem yourself. Well, you can actually do that. Make sure you have prepared your car owner's manual to be able to ensure you can deal with the problem right away.

For those of you who are not familiar with dealing with this kind of issue, it pays to call a qualified technician for help. He can look into the root cause of the problem and can see whether or not the accumulator is indeed clogged. Depending on the extent of damage, he can apply the most suited solution to the issue.