What Should You Know When Buying Porsche Radiator Coolants?

There is a reason your car’s engine never heats or freezes when you’re driving in extreme weather conditions – coolants. Coolant simply raises the cooling system’s boiling point during summer. It also lowers the freezing point during winter.  That’s not all. Coolants also protect the cooling system as well as the engine from corrosion. It is therefore easy to conclude that the coolant is just as important as the engine oil. Unfortunately, many Porsche owners hardly ever check radiator coolant levels. Still, many do not know how to shop for the right coolant for their cars. Here is how to go about it.

Types Of Coolants

Finding the right coolant would be easy and convenient if all car manufacturers used the same coolant. Unfortunately, they do not. That is why there are three main types of coolants used by all car companies. The three are; Inorganic Additive Technology Coolants (IAT), Organic Acid Technology Coolant (OAT) and the Hybrid Organic Acid Technology coolant (HOAT).

Old car models use IAT coolants. This type of coolant must be flushed out after every 24000 miles or after every two years. OAT on the other hand is not as popular as IAT but there are still models that use it. Then there is HOAT which is simply an OAT derivation. Like IAT, it must be changed after every 24000 miles or after 2 years.

Coolant Concentration

Years ago, coolants were sold in their pure, undiluted form. You would have to dilute it with water before filling up the radiator. This is not the case anymore as coolants today come pre-diluted. Pure and undiluted coolants are still available in most stores today. So when shopping, be specific and insist on the pre-diluted option.

OEM Vs Aftermarket Coolants

This can be a little confusing as even coolants are divided into OEM or aftermarket just like car parts. For coolants though, the term most used instead of OEM is OE, so you will have to choose between OE and Aftermarket coolants. Always go for OE coolants. They may be a little bit pricier than the aftermarket option but remember most if not all OE coolants are often recommended by the car manufacturer. Then remember not to ever mix different types of coolants under any circumstances.

Coolant Color

Coolants come in several colors. HOAT coolants are instance, orange or yellow in color. IAT coolants are green. OAT coolants can either be yellow, red, purple or orange in color. These colors should not confuse you solely because color is not in any way a reliable predictor or indicator of what type of coolant your car uses or has.  The best you can do is to refer to your car’s manual. Be sure to also read what the bottle of your desired coolant specifies before buying it.

Flushing Coolants

Have a Porsche expert assist you with the flushing process. It may be a simple task but like any mechanic will tell you, the engine is the last part of your car you would want to take chances with. If you’re unsure about what to do or how to do it, call an expert.