What Should You Look For When Buying A Porsche Alternator?

The alternator converts mechanical energy from the engine into electrical energy. This energy charges the battery and powers the other components of the electrical system.  Although it is a reliable car component, the original alternators do not last forever. After some time the road dirt, moisture, and extreme heat contribute to the start of its failure. To ensure that your alternator is cranking up the required voltage, constant maintenance is a must.  The alternator fails step by step; when it completely fails replacement is inevitable.

Signs Of A Defective Alternator

  • The indicator light

All Porsches come equipped with a warning light on the dashboard. This serves as the first indicator that the indicator of your ride is slowly failing. Even if all the other components of the electric system are working properly do not ignore this indicator.

  • Headlights light irregularity

Alternator failure will result in deeming, flickering, or extreme brightness of your headlights

  • Electrical failure

When the alternator fails, all the car components that require electrical power are affected, i.e. the windows, dashboard lights, power locks, the AC, music system, and power locks.

  • Difficulty when starting the car

The alternator provides power to start the car. When defective the car may delay to start or even not start altogether.

  • Dead battery

The alternator is responsible for ensuring that the car battery is recharging when driving around.  When it fails, they may get completely drained

Types Of Alternators

There two kinds of alternators available in the current market:

  • Brand new alternators
  • Re-manufactured alternators

Re-manufactured alternator refers to the alternators in which a few parts have been replaced. The re-manufacturing industry removes the worn out components of an existing alternator and replaces them with new parts.

 Porsche alternators are expensive, so most people opt to buy the re-manufactured alternators

New Alternators Versus Re-Manufactured Alternators

  • Cost

Generally, rebuilding an alternator is cheaper compared to buying a new one. This is because you only have to buy the defective parts of the alternator

  • Quality

New alternators offer a better quality assurance compared to re-manufactured ones. To rebuild a quality alternator, you will have to buy quality parts which may not be cost effective. New alternators may come with more features compared to your old alternator. So if you got the money, go for a new alternator!

  • Safety

There is very little or no safety guarantee with a re-manufactured alternator. The quality of a re-manufactured alternator depends on the re-builder, i.e. different re-builders will deliver varying qualities. New alternators from a given company are all similar in every aspect. These alternators are manufactured and tested by professionals thus offer more safety assurance.

When buying an alternator ensure that the alternator of your choice can generate enough voltage to run your Porsche.  Ensure you have the Original Manufacturer Number (OME) of your old alternator. This number will help the store assistant help you pick the alternator that suites your Porsche. This number is found on the alternator.  Ensure that the alternator is tested before taking out of the store.

Lastly, do not leave without getting your warrant signed!