What You Need To Know About Porsche Fuse Boxes And Fuses

Your Porsche’s fuse box is perhaps the single most important safety system for your car. Anytime there is a short or other serious issue in the electrical line, the fuse burns up so that your wires do not. It sacrifices its life for the sake of all the other electrical components including the starter. To that extent, it is impossible to write off the fuse and the fuse box as insignificant components. However, there are other things that make them unique.

Their Location

They are located in many different parts of your car. You have to refer to your car manual to trace them. Note that the fuse box is made up of other small components. There is the fuse block into which all fuses are connected. Then there is the fuse box cover which protects the fuses inside from elements such as dust, moisture and debris.

Some models have two fuse boxes; a heavy duty fuse box placed beneath the hood to protect headlights as well as AC wiring and a smaller fuse box inside the vehicle to cater for accessory wiring such as the starter. Access doors to these two fuses and nearly any other type of fuse may be circular or rectangular in shape depending on your Porsche model. If you’re unsure of where the fuse box is or your manual is out of reach, try looking for it under the dashboard, under the glove box, in the driver’s side door panel or near the driver side dashboard at the end panel. Your car may have auxiliary fuses if electrical upgrades and extensive modifications have been made.

They Are Not Complex

Most, if not all fuse box covers can be easily removed using a clasp. Take the cover off the fuse compartment then turn it over. You will notice a clear diagram of the fuse block labeled or printed on the underside part of the box cover.  From diagram, you will be able to locate all fuses in the block. The diagram will also help you tell which accessory or part the fuse protects. One or two fuse locations may be empty and the diagram will show you that this is fine. All fuses noted and labeled on the diagram should be firmly in place in the fuse block. Consult your Porsche service technician if there are fuses missing. Modifications and repairs may have made the fuses unnecessary.

Fuses Are Not Relays

Likewise, relays are not fuses. People seem to confuse them from time to time. Relays are black or gray squares plugged in the fuse box. They are designed to protect components voltage drops between the electrical part and the power source. Like fuses, they can wear out and require replacement.

They Vary By Type 

Most modern Porsche models use blade type fuses. They are specially designed fuses made with two metal blades that are designed to insert into the fuse block. The two blades have a top portion that surrounded by plastic so as to protect a tiny wire that runs between the blades. The tiny wire is the part that burns or breaks when there is an electrical issue.