What You Should Know About Porsche Wheels And Tires

Your Porsche wheels are the only interaction point of the road and your car. Tires provide grip to the road thus enabling you to control your Porsche as you drive. They also contribute to the overall appearance of your vehicle. A combination of a right tire and classic rims will give your Porsche a fabulous look.  This article provides detailed information to help you learn more about Porsche tires.

Porsche Tire Construction

Since becoming Porsche’s worldwide corporation partner, Michelin tires serve as the reference tires for Porsches all around the world. Porsche tires consist of 8 different parts:

  • Tread: this determines the grip the tire has on the road. They are composed of negative and positive profiles. The negative profile serves as drainage while the positive profile influences the grip, traction, and stability.
  • Tire wall: other than acting as a protective layer, this wall also affects the driving comfortability.
  • The zero degrees layer: this layer reduces the amount of heat produced due to friction. This ensures that the Porsche wheel does not lose its shape during high-speed driving. The layer is made of reinforced and rubberized nylon threads.
  • Belt layer: this layer comprises of two crossed layers made of steel cords. The belt layer stabilizes the contact area.
  • Carcass layer: consists of several layers of rubberized rayon laid at 900 angles to the direction of movement. This layer determines the load capacity of the Porsche tire
  • The bead core: this part made of steel wire ensures that the tire fits perfectly into the rim.
  • The apex: protects the tire from deformation by lateral forces. This layer also affects the diving comfortability.
  • Airtight layer: this is the inner layer of the Porsche tire.


Before the Porsche tires are released into the market, they undergo rigorous testing. This is done to ensure that the Porsche tires are safe.  Comfortability testing is also done to ensure optimize the driving experience.

N- Marking

This was another development done by Porsche to ensure that Porsche tires were of high quality and efficiency.  Porsche N- marked tires refer to tires that are specially constructed for Porsche vehicles. All Porsche approved tires are abbreviated either NO, N1, N2 N3, N4 N5, and N6. The N-mark acts as a mark of quality.

Types of Porsche Tires

Porsches tires are available in 4 categories:

  • Winter tires: these tires are suitable for driving in conditions of below 70 The trends are broader compared to those in summer tires.
  • Summer tires: these tires are designed to provide an excellent grip to the road. These tires have less grooving compared to other tire types.
  • All seasons tires: these tires are designed to offer a balance of capability. They can be used in place of winter tires, or summer tires i.e. can be used in both wet and dry conditions.

High-performance tires: these tires are designed to give you a sporty handling when driving your Porsche. Their firm grip and fast responsiveness makes them ideal for fast drivers.