What You Should Know When Buying Porsche Grille Assembly

Many people think that a grille assembly is installed for the purpose of carrying the car emblem and letting other people know that you are owning a luxury car brand. The truth is that while it really is an identifying feature, this component is installed also in order to protect the car from dirt, and debris, as well as to ventilate internal parts. When you are planning to buy a Porsche grille assembly, you must consider the following reminders.

Know Why You Want to Replace it In the First Place

Grilles serve aesthetical purposes, and replacing one can serve this particular reason. You may want to customize your grille and there is definitely nothing wrong about that. Make sure that your car gets its distinct look when you replace it for this purpose.

Know about the different Grille Assembly Types

There are two types of grille assemblies. One is called the mesh grille, which is characterized by its weaved design. It can be made either from stainless steel, ABS plastic, or aluminum. These come in fine mesh and heavy mesh grille variations. The first one is weaved closer together, while the second type comes in bolder designs, with weaves that are farther apart from each other.

The second type of grille assembly is called the billet grille. This front bumper component is composed of horizontal, diagonal, and vertical strips which are stacked together to give it a distinct look. They come in thin and thick versions, and are commonly made from stainless steel or aluminum. There are some billet grilles which are made from ABS plastic, as well.

Be Prepared to Pay the Cost

A replacement grille assembly can cost anywhere from as little as $150 to over $3,000. Some components are sold separately while others come in a complete kit. The complete kit typically include emblem provisions, brackets, trims, and panels. Apart from the cost of these components, you will also need to pay the mechanic who will do the replacement of the grille for you.

Ask Yourself: When Is Replacement Needed?

One of the reasons was already explained awhile back, and this is when you want to give your car its distinct look. Apart from this, there are other reasons that require replacing your grille assembly. Part of this is when it becomes damaged from debris. Consider the fact that the grille is located at the front of the car, thus when it is exposed to damage, you need to replace it. Otherwise, even the smallest debris can compromise your safety.

It is also common to replace grilles when fenders have bended due to an accident. Do not take the chance of neglecting this issue or else the broken or missing part of the grille can make way for dirt and debris to come in your engine. Replacement is necessary too when your grilles have built rust, have cracks, and breakage.

When you have considered all these things, you are about ready to buy your Porsche grille assembly and have it installed by a trained mechanic.