When Is A Porsche A/C Compressor Recharge Needed?

The car air conditioning system is one of a vehicle’s components that tend to be less effective with time. You may not notice it until the time when you have turned the knob in full and yet the cold air seems to be not enough to cool the warm car interiors.

To almost anyone asked, an A/C recharge is automatically suggested. While it may be a quick fix, it is better to be sure and figure whether a Porsche A/C compressor recharge is really what you need.

What is an A/C Compressor and How it Works

To better understand car air conditioning troubles, it is best to understand first about what the compressor is and what it is for. To say the least, the compressor is in charge of moving the refrigerant to make cool air. There is a drive belt that runs the compressor to make it pressurize the low-pressure refrigerant and allow the refrigerant to flow in only one direction.

A/C Compressor Trouble

You will know there is a problem on the compressor when you feel warm air instead of cool air from the vents. You may also hear a grinding noise or squealing which indicates mechanical failure. When this happens, you may need to totally replace the A/C compressor to fix the problem.

Is it Safe to Let the A/C System Blow Warm Air?

When the A/C breaks down during the cold months, it is likely that you will put off having it checked since you do not need it working anyway. However, when the A/C system is blowing warm air, it is a strong indicator that refrigerant is leaking. Refrigerant is needed to be mixed with lubricating oil to keep the compressor running smoothly. When a lot of it is lost, the system might run dry which can burn the compressor. So, when you think there is something wrong with the A/C, check it in for a proper inspection right away.

To check for a refrigerant leak, an ultraviolet light can be used to trace where the leak is. Refrigerants have ultraviolet-sensitive dye thus making it obvious when it has leaked into the engine bay.

When is a Recharge Due?

The A/C will never blow cold air with a low refrigerant level. Just like how important it is to get car parts such as compressors and axles from reputable dealers, only qualified mechanics should check and determine to have you’re A/C compressor recharged. The important step you can do is to be proactive and get the car check as soon as something is off. Do not settle with an air conditioning that does not work right. Aside from the fact that it can get too uncomfortable to drive around on a hot car, it can also damage the whole system if the A/C problem is not addressed promptly.