When Is The Time To Replace Your Porsche Suspension Bushes?

Suspension bushes are found all over the suspension structure and serve to absorb shocks and vibrations arising from normal driving. Bushes are normally found where there is a metal joint and they act as a soft cushion between the two hard parts that comprise the joint. Because they are made of rubber, all bushes eventually get worn out and need to be replaced. Worn out bushes can cause your Porsche to handle poorly and can lead to tire damage. Here are some of the things that will alert you that your suspension bushes need replacement.

Abnormal Vibrations

Because your suspension bushes exist to absorb vibrations, one of the first indicators of worn bushes is increased vibrations as you drive. This will be especially noticeable when your car is driving on a dirt road or a road that is not smooth. When worn bushes are no longer able to function as they should, all the road shocks and vibrations are transferred to the body of the car and thus the uncomfortable ride.

Uneven Tire Wear

Another pointer to worn out bushes could be unevenly worn out tires. If your tires are worn out and your car is not misaligned, then there is a very good chance that your bushes need replacing. Because of the unevenness of the suspension due to worn bushes, tires get worn out faster on one side making the car even harder to handle and steer.

Clanking Noises

As the wear and tear of the bushes increases, you may hear clanking noises especially when driving on rough roads. The clanking noise is due to metal parts in the joints touching because the rubber in the bushes that would ordinarily act as a cushion between then is so worn out as to be completely unable to do the job.

Uncomfortable Ride

If you are used to driving your Porsche, you will notice that something is off when your bushes start wearing out. The car will not feel the same way as it did before. As the bushes affect the tires, your Porsche will begin to veer to one side depending on the pattern of the tire wear and the extent in which your bushes are worn out. Bushes affect the braking system as well so you might notice that your Porsche does not brake as effectively as it used to.

Cracks On The Bushes

Your final confirmation that you have a problem with the bushes would be on inspecting them. You might notice cracks on the bushes which is a telltale sign that the bush is damaged. Remember that a bush could look fine but still be worn out or damaged so make a point to replace it even if it looks fine. More so if the car is displaying all the other signs that we have mentioned above.

Bushes are important to keep your ride smooth and comfortable. Knowing the signs of a worn out bush can help keep your Porsche running smoothly and safely for longer.