When Should You Replace A Porsche Car Battery?

Normally, after three to four years it is advisable to have the car battery replaced. Some may say that a battery should be replaced after five to six years but truth be told, by then the battery will be almost if not completely unreliable. This all depends on ones driving habits, where the user lives, how efficient the car’s alternator is at charging the battery as well as other factors. Research states that the major causes of car breakdowns and roadside assistance calls are because of batteries that have exhausted their life spans.  Once a car battery begins to wear out, some signs are usually noticed including:

  • Car has no reaction when the ignition is cranked
  • During cold weather the car doesn’t start
  • Starting the car is a 50/50 chance. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t
  • Electrical systems of the car fail to power on
  • Engine turns over but doesn’t start
  • Corrosion on the terminals end up preventing the car from starting

Six to eight years is the general life expectancy of any electric or hybrid vehicle. Research dictates that the more the sophisticated the car is, the higher the strain on its battery. Many new cars, including Porshe, have inbuilt computers that draw energy from a car battery even when it is switched hence increasing the wear and tear rate on the battery’s life span. Several factors can give the user hints of when the battery is about to be rendered obsolete and that it is time to replace a Porsche car battery.

Check Engine Light

In some cars, the check engine light lights up on the dashboard whenever the battery power is very weak.

Engine Has a Slow Crank

When starting the car, the engine cranks in a sluggish manner but does not fully starts. Anytime such a behavior is observed in a car it is a clear signal that the battery either needs to be recharged or replaced.

Bloated Battery Casing

When you observe the car battery and realize that some part of it is swollen it is of utmost importance to dispose it so as to avoid an explosion emanating from it.

Leaking Battery

Car batteries contain acid so when it leaks, automatically it will corrode with anything on its path. This also will make the battery’s capacity to hold charge to deteriorate.

Aged Battery

You need to inspect the car battery so that when it nears the three year mark you are prepared.

Driving a car that has a low battery can be quite dangerous in that some electrical components in the car may not work fully for instance cars with electric power, the steering assist might fail to work properly due to the insufficient power being produced. It might also damage the alternator since it will be putting a huge strain on it. One will be forced to continuously over accelerate so that the car doesn’t stall. If the car’s battery is completely incapable of holding charge it will end up consuming more fuel. One should feel free to consult any mechanic should they have any queries related to battery issues or they should visit any car battery dealer for further queries.