When Should You Replace Your Porsche Windscreen Wipers?

Windscreen wipers are often one of the most overlooked areas of a vehicle’s safety system. When they stop functioning correctly, it can become tough to see the road during snowy or rainy weather. Furthermore, wiper blades that become faulty may smear the windscreen, further reducing visibility. Below are some signs which indicate your Porsche windscreen wipers should be replaced.

Inspecting The Wiper Blades

The wiper blades consist of rubber and as such will wear out over time. As a consequence the blades must be regularly inspected, and if necessary replaced every six to twelve months. If you notice that the blades have become cracked or torn, this means they won’t grip your windscreen correctly and eliminate rain, sleet, snow and mud. In particular, wiper blades will face the greatest wear during winter, where temperatures are low. Reviews the owner’s manual for your vehicle and find the information which is related to the wiper blades it uses.

Splitting, Streaking, Scraping, Skipping And Squeaking

Splitting occurs when large portions of the rubber become worn. This usually means that the wipers are missing sizeable chunks whenever they are used. Streaking occurs when the wipers begin behaving like your paintbrush; only certain horizontal lines are swept and cleaned, while others are not.

Scraping is a phenomenon which produces a sound which is akin to fingernails which are applied to chalk. It could be a sign that a frame is broken, which causes the metal pieces to scrape the glass, which is terrible for the glass and your visibility, and when detected the wipers should be inspected as soon as possible. Skipping is similar to streaking, with the difference being that it will only clean certain vertical, rather than horizontal lines, while other vertical lines will remain dirty.

Whenever you notice reduced visibility while driving, it most likely is an indication that the wiper blades aren’t properly contacting the surface of the windscreen. The solution is to get replacement wiper blades as soon as possible. This is not an issue which should be taken lightly, as most of the decisions made while driving are based on what you can and cannot see. Wiper blades are inexpensive and only require a few minutes to install, but can go a long ways to aid in avoiding crashes and the consequences that result from them.

When replacing the wiper blade, you will first need to measure its length, to ensure you get the correct size, then remove the worn wiper, which will usually require you to lift it from your windshield while depressing a miniature tab within the underside where it attaches to the arm of the wiper. Then you will want to attach the replacement wiper blade, which will require it to be pulled onto the wiper arm. On many models you will hear a clicking sound once it fits in place. Finally, you will want to test the wipers once they’ve been installed.