When Should You Use Porsche Brake Pad Shims?

Car brake components are essential in making sure that you can easily control the way you drive down the road. These are made up of different parts, among them are brake pads that are essential in engaging the brakes properly. Brake pads, like other brake components, have other parts too. Deciding whether to use Porsche brake pad shims will be vital in making your brake pads work. When should you really use one?

What are Brake Shims?

As a part of the braking system, the shims are placed between the brake pad and brake caliper. These are made out of either thin rubber or metal adhesive pads, whose purpose is to correct issues that cause the pads to make noise later. Modern cars have brake shims that are basically used to tone down these unwanted sounds, and also to keep rattling at a minimum. Note though that not all brake pads come with brake pad shims, because these are not really required to make them function perfectly.

Brake Noise and Brake Shims

As a driver, you will notice different types of noise that signify brake problems. Brake noise include squeaking and squealing and these are attributed to damaged brake rotors. The sound can even be created even when you apply moderate brake pedal pressure. While brake rotors can be the cause, it can also be because of the lack of brake shims. This is one instance when you should use brake pad shims on your cars.

When Should Brake Shims Be Used?

Brake shims can be used to prevent any of the further noise from the pad. It will also be good to add a thin layer of shim between the backing plate and that of the pad. These come in different styles with one that you can choose to match your driving style. Some brake pads do not have shims with them, and when this is the case, you can always choose to use shims, provided that it has been recommended by a certified auto mechanic.

There are also adhesive brake pad shims that can be attached to a brake pad. You can easily stick this type of shim to the backing plate of the brake pad. While this does not require using a disc brake lubricant, you can still opt to apply a thin coating of the lubricant to the brake backing plate.

Another type of shim that you can use is the titanium brake pad shims. These contain a thermal barrier capacity which improves performance on the track.  They can reflect more heat when compared to regular brake pad shims. This means lesser heat transfer going to the caliper from the pads. They can also lower brake fluid or hydraulic fluid temperatures.

Shims are important components of the brake pad as they can eliminate those sounds that can worry you when driving. Using one will depend upon your car model's requirements though. It is best to check with your auto mechanic as to whether you should use one or not.