Which Option Works Better: Porsche Universal Mufflers Or Porsche Direct Fit Mufflers?

Whether you shop for a simple replacement muffler that can deliver original equipment (OE) performance and sound or an upgraded muffler that can provide you with a deeper growl complete with increased power via freer exhaust flow, your choice will always boil down to two main options. You will have to go for a universal fit muffler or a universal fit muffler.  These two types of mufflers do the same thing. However, they are different not just in design but also in effectiveness. Read on to learn more about what sets them apart and which one is ideal for your Porsche.

Direct Fit Mufflers

They are designed to bolt on without additional modification. That is because they are tailor made to match all the dimensions of your Porsche’s original muffler when it comes to shape, size and even hanger replacement. The perk alone makes direct fit mufflers a more manageable and more straightforward choice especially for those who wish to do the installation on their own.

As far as price is concerned, direct fit mufflers are usually a little bit more expensive than universal fit mufflers mostly because of the additional costs that are often associated with their more in depth and precision engineering.  Because they must be extremely close to the OE designs, direct fit mufflers usually have little to no issues with fitment or under vehicle clearance with other pipes. You will therefore have an easy time fitting it with the catalytic converter. Note too that on universal fit mufflers, cutting straight horizontal slats into a small section of the pipe will allow the muffler to be tightened to a small diameter more evenly if you will use a clamp to connect two sections.

Universal Fit Mufflers

Like the name suggests, universal fit mufflers are designed to be used on a number of different makes and models. This means they must be first modified before fitting snugly onto your Porsche. This is perhaps universal fit mufflers’ main undoing. They also need cutting of the inlet pipe length. It doesn’t end there. If the muffler hooks do not line up with the ones that are already on your vehicle, fabrication will be necessary. The only alternative here would be to resize the pipe inlet or outlet diameter by welding clamps or adapters so as to reduce fitment gaps.  That explains why universal fit mufflers always need professional installation.

What To Choose

Most, if not all companies behind OEM direct fit mufflers for Porsche models spend both time and money to ensure their products are good fits for Porsche models. It is also important to note that anytime you notice the word ‘universal’ on a car component, some additional work will be required. This may mean spending more money for installation.

Aluminized Steel

When it comes to mufflers and related exhausted components, always go for the ones made of aluminized steel. It is traditional steel that is coated with aluminum silicon alloy. The allow features strong metallurgical bond forms in between the aluminum and steel. This bond greatly improves steels ability to disburse heat as well as its resistance to corrosion.