Why Did My Porsche Inverter Stop Working?

Electronics seem to have a mind of their own, and they can be very delicate. Hence, when you find that your Porsches' inverter has suddenly stopped working, there are a few things that you can check before you settle on buying a new one. More often than not, inverters malfunction if the internal component has stopped working, and in such cases, it is more economical for you to purchase a new inverter all together. But before you do that, there are a few things you can try.

Is The Inverter Receiving Power?

Your Porches' inverter works by massaging a 12V direct current to a 120V alternating current. Hence, if your inverter does not have an excellent connection to the electrical system of your Porsche, then it will not work. So, before you check anything else, check your inverters' connection with the electric system to ensure that it is well-connected.

Checking Your Cigarette Lighter Inverter

 Check the socket for obstructions, or for objects which could have shorted it such as metallic objects. If the path is clear plug some device into it to see if it is working.

Checking Your Battery-Wired Inverter

Check your inverter for power and ground. If there is nothing, then check the wires for corrosion or shortage, if your Porsche's battery-wired inverter has a fuse, ensure that you check it as well.

Is Your Inverter Connected Backwards?

When you’re working with a cigarette lighter inverter, using it is pretty basic, you plug it in, and you are good to go. However, if you are using a battery wired inverter for your Porsche, then there is a possibility that you or someone else may have plugged in your inverter backward. This can cause irreparable damage to the unit. If you suspect that someone may have plugged in your inverter backward, you can look for a fuse or circuit breaker that you can reset or replace in your unit, but if your unit is not receiving any power chances are that you may have to replace it entirely.

Replace Your Inverter

If your inverter is not receiving any power at all, then it is time for you to replace your inverter completely. This may be due to someone plugging in your inverter incorrectly, or due to some internal component issue. When you are purchasing a new inverter, assess your needs, and then select an inverter accordingly. For example, if you do not need your inverter to do some heavy lifting, and your previous inverter stopped working due to someone plugging it in incorrectly, then selecting a cigarette lighter inverter may be the best choice for your Porsche. Using a cigarette lighter inverter s as easy as it gets, and it works well if you have light needs.

If you feel that a cigarette lighter inverter just won't cut it, then make sure that your battery wired inverter is installed the right way, and make sure you observe each step to make sure you do not install it incorrectly in the future.