Why Did My Porsche Power Window Get Stuck?

Your Porsche windows may look like any other component on your car right until the moment they get stuck. It then hits you that the windows are after all, vital to your safety as well as comfort. You’ll need them closed on a rainy day. You’ll need them open on a hot summer day. You therefore have no choice but to ensure they work well 24/7. Like you area about to find out though, they break down sometimes. This happens because of so many reasons. Read on to learn more.

Tell-Tale Signs

Modern Porsche models feature mind-blowing artificial intelligence. You will most likely get some form of warning before the window gets stuck. Even in cases where the car fails to use its computerized system to alert you, you will still have an easy time troubleshooting the whole system trying to find the root cause of the problem. You’ll of course, need an expert to help you with this. The problem will in most cases, be as a result of any of the following issues.

Faulty Window Regulators

Porsche power window regulators are designed to allow the window to move up and down. They are wired pretty much the same way other electrical components are. This means they can fail because of an electrical issue such as a blown out fuse or even short circuit. Either way, you’ll have to replace the regulator once it gets damaged.

Window Motor Problems

Nearly all car components that move use motors. The wiper uses one. The sun roof uses one too. They are not designed to last for decades so they may break down after some time or simply malfunction. This shouldn’t worry you at all mostly because motors are affordable. Your Porsche’s power window may at one point stall. This means there won’t be the electrical energy needed to power the window system. Pressing the up or down button, which is supposed to make the window go up or down won’t help much as there won’t be energy to activate the window motor. You can repair the motor if it’s not damaged or simply replace it.

Snow and Ice

This sounds strange but happens. Here’s how. Glass windows tend to stick to frames once temperatures drop to freezing point. Regulators should help prevent this. However, they hardly prevent the problem mostly because they are not strong enough to push the glass window away from its frame. It will get worn out faster trying to push the window from its frame. Once the vehicle heats up though, everything will work out just fine.

Bad Power Window Switch

Your Porsche has a switch on the door. The switch is on all four doors. Each time you or your passenger press the up or down button, the switch wears a little. Press it too aggressively and it’ll get damaged. Your best bet is to be always gentle with the switch. Then have it replaced as soon as it is worn out.