Why Do Your Porsche Headlights Malfunction?

Changing your car’s headlights should be easy. What’s not easy though is having to change them nearly each week. This can be frustrating. It can also be financially draining.  But why in the first place should your car behave that way? Changing the headlights should be something you do at least once a year. As a matter of fact, you can go for a whole year without changing them. This means there’s something terribly wrong if you have to change them each week or after every few days. Here’s why you have to change them often and what you can do to prevent the problem from recurring.

Faulty Voltage

The voltage regulator or stabilizer is a critical piece of any electrical equipment or component in your vehicle. Your vehicle has many of them. Depending on the model you drive, they can be mounted separately or found attached to the side of alternators.  They are designed to limit the maximum amount of voltage that pass through your car’s electrical system to safe amounts for all components. This means that the voltage regulator has intermittent problems, your headlights will be affected. Chances are, spikes of high voltage jump through the system and blow the headlight fuses and bulb filaments.  To fix the problem, replace the voltage regulator.

Loose Wiring Connections

This is a common problem. It can cause flow current to intermittently come in contact and go on and off. This causes heat increase and result to temperatures that go way beyond what the bulb can hold. The filament then burns out and the headlights go off. Vibrations in the headlight can easily worsen this problem. To fix the issue, check to ensure that all headlight bolts are tight. Make sure too that there are no broken or cracked headlight mounts. All the electoral connectors to the bulbs should also be secure.  Another good solution here would be to fit new connectors to the bulb.

Poor Quality Bulbs

This should be a no brainer. Invest in high quality Porsche bulbs and you will have no problems with changing them often. Wire filaments of poor quality bulbs are usually made from extremely thin gauges of tungsten wires. This alone can make them last for less than 24 hours. Again, vibrations will worsen the problem by shortening the lifespan of these bulbs. There is no shortcut here. You have no choice but to go for high quality Porsche bulbs.

Excess Condensation In The Headlight

Excess condensation in the headlights can easily cause electrical shorts. That’s why it is important to check if your headlights are getting too damp inside. Note that headlights are usually ventilated well through the top and bottom areas of the headlight unit. This is done through small holes or tubes with a 90 degree bend. These vents are designed to permit a specific amount of air to flow in and out of so as to allow heat dissipation. They also reduce moisture in the lens. So if the bulb covers located on the back of the headlights are not mounted well or there are broken seals around the area, there’ll be excess condensation in the headlight. This can damage the bulbs and compromise light intensity. Fix any broken seals to ensure moisture does not find its way into the headlights.