Why Does My Porsche Amp Turn Itself On?

Did your Porsche amplifier turn itself on immediately after you turned it off? Don't be afraid. It is not the supernatural forces that are causing it. It may be due to the technical flaws that your Porsche amplifier is facing. The first and foremost thing that strikes one's mind when his gadget behaved abnormally is a problem with the wiring. Apart from that, the problem can be caused due to a faulty switch.

Wiring Problems In The Amplifier

Your amplifier may be turning on and off randomly due to a prevalent wiring problem. For example, if the turn-on wire of the amplifier is connected to the remote antenna of the head unit instead of the rote amplifier wire, it can cause the device to show abnormalities while functioning. A loose and poorly connected ground wire or a bad fuse can also cause the Porsche amplifier to inappropriately. Such problems can not only cause the amp to turn on but also turn off while working. Frequent turning on and off of the amplifier can leave a negative impact on the longevity of the Porsche amp.

Improper Installation Of The Amp

The problem may be generated due to any error that might have been caused during the installation of the amplifier. Improper installation can lead to a number of problems in the Amplifier like abnormal heating up of the device, thereby, leading to a number of complications, loose connections, and loose switches and so on. Therefore, if your Porsche speaker is turning on by its own, you can call the professionals and schedule a servicing of your car amp.

Internal Problem In The Circuit

There may be some problem with the circuit of your Porsche amplifier. Some expert technicians are of the opinion that the protection circuitry in the interior tend to engage and cause the Porsche amplifier to shut down. The method then recycles and again tries to start the backup procedure and turn the Porsche amp on. The cycle is repeated over and over again. The problem could also be caused due to the shortened supply of power, a low voltage rail, a couple of blown channels, and so on. A component of the switch, the circuit or the fuse could also be missing, causing the Porsche amplifier to turn itself on.

Another reason for the Porsche amplifier to turn on by itself may be bad gain pots. If an amplifier has bad gain pots, it will cause the amplifier to shut down and then turn on by itself. This cycle will be repeated over and over again. In this case, it is advisable to replace the gain pots. Once the gain pots are replaced, it can be expected that the amplifier will start working properly. However, if nothing works, it can be concluded that the device has failed and you will be left with no choice but to replace the Porsche amp.