Why Is My Porsche 12V Socket Not Working?

The cigarette lighter socket on your Porsche is a 12v socket. This implies that you should be able to plug in your cigarette lighter inverter, your charger or any other 12v DC car accessory and have it work completely fine. However, sometimes this socket does not work as smoothly as you want it to, in such cases, there may be a few reasons behind it.

An Obstruction In The Socket

The top reason why your Porsche’s 12v socket may not be working is because of some obstruction. If your cigarette lighter is installed vertically in your center console, then this problem is more common than you may think as it makes it easier for objects to fall into the socket. If the object obstructing the path is non-conducive, then it merely prevents your accessory form making contact with the socket if the object is conductive, such as small metallic objects, it may blow the circuit of your Porsche.

Cigarette Lighter Socket Blown

If you find that nothing is obstructing the socket, but your charge still does not seem to be working, then the reason may be because no power is reaching the socket at all, in this case, the problem may be that the circuit is blown or there is faulty wiring.

Your Charger Is The Issue

Chargers go bad quite easily. There are several components on the charger which may have stopped working such as the part which goes into your device, the spring plug which goes into the socket, or the electric wiring inside the charger itself. Hence, before you start to suspect a blown fuse or some obstruction ensures that your charger is not facing any issues.

What Can You Do To Help Your 12v Socket Work?

Here is what you can do to help your12v socket start working again:

  • Check for and remove any foreign objects inside the socket. There could be several objects which could have blocked the path to the socket, such as coins or child’s toys. If you find something obstructing the way carefully reach in and pull it out. Do not reach into the socket with any metallic object.
  • Plug in a different device: If you are not too sure whether the problem is with your charger or your socket, plug in a different 12v DC car accessory and check whether that works fine or not if it does, then it is time to replace your charger, if it does not then your Porches’ socket is the issue.
  • Plugin your cigarette lighter: do not have any other 12v DC car accessory? No problem. If you still have the cigarette lighter which came with your Porsche, plug it into the socket and push it in. If the coil starts to glow red hot, then your socket is working, but it does not show any change then your socket is the issue.